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Blog Entries posted by DivineKnight1000

  1. DivineKnight1000
    Chapter 1: A Simple Request
    It was a very calm and beautiful day in the village of Ponyville, and everypony was out and about and doing the best they could to make the most of the time they had throughout the day. One pony, however, was still having a very sleepy start. His name was Lee, a brown pegasus pony who had a mixture of red and black in his mane and tail, and was also the latest pony to move into Ponyville, evidenced by the boxes dotted around the house. As Lee continued to sleep peacefully, he was suddenly awoken by the sound of his doorbell ringing and somepony knocking on his door.
    Lee slowly raised his head to listen to the sounds more clearly and groaned as he decided to roll out of bed to answer the door.
    "Be right there" he said, while yawning and stretching out his still tired muscles. He opened the door and greeted the bright sun that blasted his eyes with sunlight.
    "Yeah, can I help y-" Lee was interrupted when he realized that there were two royal soldiers covered in armor standing before him. Confused and uncertain on their sudden appearance, Lee simply said nothing and waited for one of the soldiers to speak. The light-furred pony cleared his throat and spoke first, magically making a scroll appear and unrolling it to read it to Lee.
    "Mister Lee, you are hereby requested by the Princesses of Equestria, Celestia and Luna respectively, to appear before them in the royal castle of Canterlot at once. They await your presence in the royal throne room and request that you come within the hour" 
    Lee could say nothing to the words he just heard at first. After a bit, he managed to muster a question to the soldiers.
    "Okay, that sounds... great and everything, but what do the princesses want to see ME for?"
    The dark furred pony then spoke and answered his question.
    "We do not know. We were simply ordered to deliver this message to you, nothing more. But I am certain that all will be answered once the princesses have spoken to you. Nonetheless, do we and the princesses have your word that you'll be at Canterlot within the hour?"
    Lee simple looked to the ground and pondered about what he should do. He has never met the princesses in person, and has never given a reason to speak with them either, so why do they wish to speak with him now? Is there more to this meeting than meets the eye? Lee decided the only way to answer these questions was to speak with them about it.
    "Alright, I'll be there. I just give me some time to... get ready. Is that alright?"
    "Very well. We shall tell the princesses to expect you and we implore you not to be late for this meeting"
    Both ponies bowed to Lee and quickly flew off and back towards Canterlot. Lee watched as the soldiers flew off and glanced towards the castle for a minute, wondering what he should do to prepare for this meeting. Lee then trotted off towards town when he came up with an idea and decided to consult an "expert" on this situation.
    Lee came to the foot of a grand and very crystalline looking castle and knocked on the large doors in front of him. The first thing he heard when he knocked was the sound of something hitting the floor hard and somepony answering loudly.
    "Just a moment. Be right there!" Lee stood at the door for another minute, impatiently wondering if the pony inside was ever going to answer the door. He was ready to knock again when the door opened and a purple alicorn pony, known as Princess Twilight Sparkle to many ponies, stood before him smiling and struggling to catch her breath at the same time.
    "So sorry about the wait. I literally had a million other things to do at once and just needed time to tidy up. Heh heh, anyway, can I help you?"
    "Yes, you're Princess Twilight right? My name's Lee and I was wondering if I could ask you something?"
    "Hmm, Lee? I don't think I recognize your name. Are you new in town?"
    "Yeah, I just moved in about a week ago actually and this is a very nice town, very peaceful and tranquil... b-but enough about that. I was actually hoping you could help me with a 'situation' that I'm having"
    "Of course, I'd be glad to help you out. Go ahead and tell me what's troubling you."
    "Well you see, I just got this... summons from the princesses up at Canterlot and they said that they wish to speak with me in person within the hour. I was wondering, since you're a princess as well and all, that you could-"
    Lee was interrupted when he saw that Twilight had sort of frozen in place and that her jaw was hanging down, which confused Lee.
    " W-wait, y-you've been summoned by Princess Celestia and Luna?! What in the name of Equestria could they want? Is everything okay with them?" Twilight started pacing around and talking to herself, which only made Lee panic as he tried to calm her down. 
    "L-look, all I know is that they want to talk to me, that's all. I was just hoping you could help me by... I don't know helping me talk with them"
    Twilight calmed down and looked at Lee and suddenly a nervous smile appeared on her face.
    "Oh, heh, right. I figured it was something simple as that, how silly of me to think otherwise. In any case, I'd be glad to assist you and, if you want, I'd even be willing to accompany you to the castle if that would help you feel better"
    "Wow, you'd do that for me? Well, it would definitely help to have some company while I talk with them. Thank you Princess Twilight."
    "Oh no worries, it's no trouble at all. Besides, I'm sure that it'll be fun to help you out and maybe I could even talk with them myself! Just give me a minute to get ready!"
    Twilight rushed back inside and started gathering important items and putting them in her bags. Lee noticed that Twilight was talking to herself again and stumbled around a lot as she rushed about, but this only made Lee smile at her strange behavior.
    "Okay, I think I have everything I need. We should get going if you don't want to be late"
    "Right, let's go"
    Lee and Twilight flew off and soared through the endless sea of clouds as they made their way towards the royal castle of Canterlot. As the two of them were flying, Lee noticed a bunch of other pegasus ponies flying by or relaxing on the clouds, with a couple of them waving at Lee and smiling happily at him, which he happily returned. Twilight called to Lee and turned his attention to her.
    "Alright Lee, before we get to the castle, we should practice how you should speak to the princesses. Now tell me, how would you greet them? Your highnesses or your majesties?"
    "Uhh, hello princesses?"
    Twilight stopped dead in her tracks and faced Lee. 
    "What?! Are you crazy?! They'll throw you into the darkest dungeon they can find for speaking so informally to them!"
    Twilight stopped talking when she noticed the sheer dread and nervousness in Lee's expression. She laughed nervously and stepped back from him.
    "Heh heh, I'm so sorry Lee. I didn't mean to frighten you"
    Lee sighed as they continued flying towards the castle.
    "I don't know if I can do this, Twilight. You and I both know that I don't belong in a place like Canterlot and I'm afraid that the princesses just... won't like me."
    "Oh, that's nonsense Lee. You got nothing to be afraid of, and I know Celestia and Luna like and care for everypony, so I'm certain you'll be no different. The most important thing to remember is to just be yourself... and not getting yourself thrown into the previously mentioned darkest dungeon" Twilight laughed nervously once more, which only made Lee more nervous.
    "Heh, I'll keep that in mind"
    Lee and Twilight finally reached Canterlot and landed next to the front gates. As Lee and Twilight approached the gates, two guards barred their way and looked down at the two of them.
    "Princess Twilight, how wonderful to see you again. Hmm, I don't recognize this stranger next to you, however. State your name and business here at once!"
    Lee cleared his throat to speak.
    "My name's Lee and I'm here to speak with the princesses." 
    The two guards looked Lee over and then looked at each other... only to begin laughing. Lee was confused as to why they were laughing.
    "Y-you?! Well, unless you're here to apply for the court jester, I can't possibly see what they would want with YOU." The guards continued laughing until Twilight stepped forward and stood between Lee and the guards.
    "Hey, that's enough out of you two! He's my friend and my guest and I won't have you two making fun of him, I sure won't. Now, please apologize to my friend and let us through, or I will personally tell Celestia how poorly mannered you two are being. We'll see just how 'funny' she finds this."
    Twilight glared at the two guards and they quickly and nervously stood aside to let them through.
    "W-we apologize for our behavior, Mister Lee. Please head on inside and have a wonderful day!
    "That's what I thought. Come on Lee, let's not keep Celestia and Luna waiting"
    Lee and Twilight passed the guards and the gates and made their way inside. The entrance hall was a very busy and bustling area, with many dignified ponies dressed in formal attire going to all sorts of meetings and business arrangements. Twilight made her way to a waiting area off to the side of the hall and sat down on the couch.
    "Alright Lee, I think its best if you talk with Celestia and Luna alone. I'm sure they'll have a lot to discuss with you in private."
    "You sure I should go in alone? I really don't know what I should say to them."
    "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be just fine. Just remember what I said: Be yourself. You do that and everything will be okay, I promise."
    "Right... Thank you Twilight. Now, can you tell me how I find the throne room?"
    "Oh, that's easy. You just take the main hall here, then you take a left, then a right and then take another right and it'll be the third door on the right side. The door will have a big sun painted around it so it should be easy to find. Anyway, you should get going, but don't worry, I'll be here when you're finished and you can tell me all about it."
    "Uhh, right. I'll see you later then"
    Lee made his way down the hall and came to an intersection, only to be confused by which way he should go, especially with Twilight's vague directions being of no help. He then decided to just keep going forward.
    After walking the halls for sometime, and passing by other ponies who were whispering things to themselves as they passed Lee, he simply stopped and became worried that he wouldn't make it to his meeting in time.
    "Man, how am I supposed to find anything in this castle without a map? I'm gonna be late and who knows what the princesses will do if I am"
    As Lee wondered where to go, he started hearing voices around him but nopony appeared to be around him.
    "Be careful with those books, sister. We need to get them to library as quickly as possible."
    "Well, it'd be easier if you helped me carry some of them. My back is killing me."
    Suddenly, Lee fell to the floor as something hard struck him in the head, making him hold his head in pain. Two tall ponies then dropped to the floor, one with white fur and the other with dark fur, and looked at Lee with concern.
    "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to drop that book on your head, honest I didn't!"
    Lee looked at the dark-furred pony, who had a very blue and starry mane, before him and quickly stood back up and retrieved the book.
    "Ah, it's okay. I should've worn a helmet is all. But I'm fine, don't worry about it."
    The white-furred pony beside her stepped forward and approached him, with her long and multi-colored mane blowing in the breeze.
    "Please forgive my sister's incident. We were simply taking these books to the library so that they'll be kept in better condition."
    "It's okay, no worries really. I was just trying to find my way to a meeting and I got turned around I guess."
    "Oh, are you lost? Well, the least we can do to make it up to you is help you find your way around. Where is this meeting supposed to be?" The white-furred pony asked politely.
    "I'm supposed to go to the royal throne room. You see, I'm supposed to be meeting with Princess Celestia and Luna and I'd hate to be late for such an important meeting"
    The two sisters then looked at each other for a second and smiled, which only confused Lee. 
    "I suspect that they aren't far" Both of them laughed and Lee remained confused as to what was going on. And then, after a moment more of confusion, he finally realized what they meant.
    "W-wait a minute... What? You two are..."
    "Princess Celestia" The white-furred pony bowed her head.
    "And Princess Luna" The dark-furred pony didn't bow, however, due to the weight of the books that still occupied her back.
    Lee immediately bowed to them and nervously started panicking.
    "O-oh, p-princesses, please forgive my stupidity for not knowing who you are. I am so sorry."
    Celestia laughed as she looked at Lee with concern once more, trying to ease his worries.
    "No need to worry, heh heh besides, we should be ones apologizing to you for dropping a book on your head. You are Lee, correct? We have been expecting you, and we're so happy to finally meet you in person."
    Luna struggled with the books and found it difficult to speak. "Y-yes quite excited, but there is an important matter we wish to discuss with you and I recommend we go at once before my legs lose feeling. May we please?"
    "Of course, sister. Follow us if you would please, Lee" Celestia led the way as the three of them walked down the halls, with Lee noticing all the other ponies around him whispering and wondering why he was with Celestia and Luna. Lee then turned his attention to Princess Luna, who continued to struggle carrying the books on her back and Lee decided to help her out.
    "Umm, Princess Luna, I can carry some of those books for you if you want."
    "Oh, would you? That's so kind of you to ask, thank you. Thank you very much, Lee"
    Luna levitated half of the books off of her back and placed them on Lee's. The removed weight helped Luna stand up straight once more and helped her feel less in pain.
    "Oh, that feels so much better. Thank you for helping me Lee, I really do appreciate it. As you can probably tell, my sister here isn't too fond of heavy lifting."
    "Preposterous, dear sister. I'll have you know earlier today I carried a whole chocolate cake into the dining room"
    "Yes, which you then proceeded to devour within the hour of arrival"
    The two sisters laughed together, with Lee nervously smiling along with them, as he was still unsure as to why they wanted to speak with him.
    Lee and the princesses entered a room with the words 'Library' written above the door. The three of them entered and Celestia closed the door behind them. It was a darkly lit room with many rows of bookshelves, a desk in the corner and a large window which overlooked the courtyard below.
    "Wait, why are we in the library? I thought we'd be meeting in the throne room"
    "Well, we thought this would be a more... casual spot to speak and where we could also speak with you without interruptions." Celestia pulled up a chair and asked Lee to sit down, which he did.
    "I'll go get us some food in case we get hungry. Luna, will you stay and keep him company while I'm gone?"
    "Of course, sister. I have to put these books away anyway, so we'll be here when you return."
    Celestia left the room and Luna started placing books on the shelf, which Lee helped with.
    "So Lee, since we have a moment to talk, tell me about yourself."
    "Me? Well, there's not much to tell to be honest. I've been in Ponyville for a week, don't really have any friends yet, and... I don't know, I like taking naps and walking the streets. That's all I can think of really, sorry."
    "Quite alright. Heh heh, I also like taking naps, since you know, I can't really sleep during the night. But what of your family? Surely you have some right?"
    Lee immediately stopped what he was doing and stared blankly into space.
    "Uhh... right. My... family"
    Thankfully, Celestia reentered the room before Lee could finish his sentence. Celestia sat a tray with a steaming tea kettle and several slices of donut cake on the desk and filled three teacups with the freshly brewed and still sizzling tea. Lee sat down at the desk once more and Luna stood behind him as she sipped her tea and took a bite out of her cake. Celestia slid a teacup and a piece of cake towards Lee, but he didn't touch it and simply stared at his own reflection in the tea, making Luna look at Lee with concern.
    "Aren't you going to eat, Lee? You must be hungry"
    "I'm sorry princesses, I don't mean to be rude, but could one of you tell why I'm here please?"
    Celestia sipped her tea and calmly sat it back down and paced the room.
    "Very well. Hmm, where to begin?"
    Luna spoke first before Celestia could begin. 
    "The reason we summoned you here is because we were hoping you could help us with a certain... well lets say project shall we?"
    "Project? What project?" Lee asked.
    "Well, the other day, me and Luna were discussing whether or not we were doing an adequate job of being princesses and the protectors of Equestria. And then I wondered: Is there a way to know for sure?"
    "Yes, and then an idea came to me. What if we hired somepony to study our meetings and our duties and have them see if we were doing things right. Celestia and I could then learn from their point of view and see how we could improve upon the results."
    "But then we realized, it couldn't be just anypony, especially anypony who are like the dignitary and important ponies who roam this castle everyday. So I and Luna decided to hire somepony who has never interacted with us before. And that's where you came into the picture."
    "We looked at the records for Ponyville and saw that you were the latest pony to move in. You were a perfect fit." 
    "So now, here we are, and all we have is a simple question for you: Will you help us?" Celestia and Luna both stood before him now and waited for him to answer.
    Lee took a moment to take all this information in and just sat speechless.
    "O-okay hold on, let me get this straight: You want me to "study" you two... to see if you're doing a good job at being princesses?"
    "Yes, exactly. You would be our personal guest and you would travel with us to wherever we go in the castle. You'd get your own personal room here in the castle and we'll both make sure everything stays well for your stay here." Luna answered.
    "But I don't get it. Why me? I'm a nobody and I don't know anything about the two of you. How in the world am I supposed to do this if I don't know what I'm doing?"
    "Lee, that's exactly why we chose you. There's nothing more concrete than the perspective of somepony who is simply... normal. You're not learning from us, we'd be learning from you and your experiences" Celestia assured him by nodding her head in agreement.
    Luna then stepped forward and placed a hoof to his side.
    "Lee, listen to me. If this is too much for you, just say the word and we'll call this whole thing off. There will be no grief from us if you do, we promise. Right sister?"
    "Of course. We will understand if you choose to say no"
    Lee looked to the floor and pondered on what he should do. He knew that he knew nothing about Celestia and Luna nor do they know anything about, but at the same time, couldn't bring himself to deny their request. Maybe he could indeed learn something from this job and find some enjoyment out of it by interacting with the princesses.
    "Alright... I do it. You can count on me"
    Celestia and Luna both smiled happily and both shook hooves with Lee.
    "Thank you Lee! Thank you for agreeing to do this for us. And don't you worry, we promise that this will all go smoothly" 
    "Thank you both for offering me this opportunity, princesses." Lee bowed to them once more, only for Luna to tell him that he didn't need to do that anymore.
    "No need to be so formal with us anymore. We're going to be spending a lot of time together and we want you to be comfortable around us, so no more bowing and please call us by our names, okay?"
    Lee laughed as he looked at the two of them again.
    "Very well... Luna, Celestia."
    "Now that were done, we'll bring you back to the entrance hall and bid you farewell. Please return to castle tomorrow morning and we'll both be waiting for you in the dining hall"
    "I'll be here. You have my word"
    The three of them returned to the entrance hall and Lee noticed that Twilight was still sitting on the couch in the waiting room... at least that's what it looked like to Lee. Upon closer inspection, Lee saw that Twilight was actually sound asleep now, complete with her sprawled out on the couch, snoring loudly and drooling onto the carpet.
    "Oh, Twilight's still here? I thought she would have gone back by now. How long was that meeting?"
    Luna consulted the clock on the wall behind her.
    "About two hours. She must have fallen asleep while she was waiting for you"
    "Heh heh, did you come here with her? I'm not surprised she decided to accompany you given the circumstances." Celestia laughed a little as she moved over to Twilight and shook her softly to make her wake up. Twilight snorted a second before she opened her eyes and bolted out of the couch to face Lee, who was standing next to her.
    "Oh, hey Lee. I was wondering when you were going to be done, but I just closed my eyes a bit, I swear. So tell me, how did your meeting with Celestia and Luna go?"
    Celestia stepped forward, making Twilight immediately bow on the spot.
    "I'd say it went very well. Lee here has just agreed to stay here in the castle with us and assist us with our duties."
    Twilight jumped about gleefully at the news and looked at Lee.
    "Oh wow, that's wonderful to hear, Lee. And here I was worried they were going to throw you into the darkest dungeon they could find." Twilight opened her eyes and looked around the room and saw nothing but horrified/confused looks aimed at her.
    "Heh heh, oh look is that the time? I should really get going" Twilight quickly rushed out the door and flew off into the skies.
    Celestia sighed as she saw Twilight leave. "Twilight's always the one to jump to conclusions. You didn't honestly think we would do something so horrible, did you?" she asked.
    "Uhh, no of course not. Heh heh"
    "Well, this is where we say goodbye, Lee. Remember to be here early tomorrow and to meet us in the dining hall. We really look forward to working with you"
    "Goodbye Lee and thank you again helping us out. I and Luna can't wait to see you tomorrow and help you settle in" Celestia then smiled happily.
    "Yeah, and I look forward to it as well. I'll see you two tomorrow, I guess"
    Lee shook hooves with Celestia and Luna one more time before they waved goodbye to him and Lee turned to the gates to leave. Lee breathed in the fresh air and looked back at the castle he was about to become a temporary occupant of.
    "Well, hope I don't disappoint. This'll be... interesting to say the least"
    Lee flew off into the clouds and back to his house, uncertain of the events that were about to unfold...
    A/N: Well, it's finally done. My first MLP fanfic and its all about Celestia and Luna of course. Hope everypony enjoys reading it and I hope you let me know what you think of it.
  2. DivineKnight1000
    I know I'm a little late for this, but it's time for my one year forumsversary blog entry! There's so much I want to talk about and about the awesome experience I've had on these awesome forums!
    My journey began on September 4th, 2018. I just stumbled across these forums because I was looking for topics about Celestia and Luna so I could discuss them with other people who loved MLP! But I saw I needed an account to join in the conversation, so I created an account just so I could talk about Celestia and Luna. I created my welcome post and told everyone who I was as how I had been an MLP fan for 3 years at the time.
    I didn't know anyone here and I honestly thought I was just gonna be invisible to everyone else on here, but I didn't really care because I initially wanted to just talk about Celestia and Luna. Then, as other people started talking with me and welcoming to the forums with open arms, I started to get that itch of wanting to make some friends on here!
    I consulted a veteran of the forums, @TheTaZe (who is an awesome person by the way) and I asked him what I can do to make some friends. He told me to just be a nice person, react and reply to other people's status updates and participate in topics. I took this advice to heart and I did start making friends on here, I started gaining followers and reputation and it was then that I realized: People actually like me on here.
    I then discovered that I could make my own status updates and started posting and telling people how much I love Celestia and Luna, but I wanted a way to express my love for them more clearly. I saw that I could add pictures to my updates and that's what I did and all my posts had awesome pictures of the princesses and people were loving it.
    Then, a few days later, I had noticed something incredible: I had won an award for gaining the most reputation in a single day! I did this in just eight days of my arrival, and this was something I never expected. But it kept getting even better, because I saw I had won another day after that... and the day after that... and the day after that! I had won the award for FIVE straight days in a row? How was this even possible? Was I seriously this popular after such a short time of being here? It was unprecedented!
    But then again, this was all because of all the amazing friends that I know on these forums! So many people are just so awesome and friendly and it warmed my heart so much that it felt like I was gonna overflow with happiness! I couldn't have possibly made it this far without their friendship and support and I thank every single one of you for what you've done for me!
    One year later and what have I learned? The most important thing I've learned is that no matter what, no matter how bad things are, you can always rely on your friends to be there for you... and they certainly have for me. I now have 21000 brohoofs, 73 days won, 108 followers and more friends than I can count!
    Here's to another successful year and thank you to all of my awesome friends for being such amazing friends!
    @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rising Dusk @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Rikifive @Treeglow Flicker @lyrabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Mirage @The Recherche @Emerald<3 @Arc Flash @Alexshy @FFF @R.D.Dash @Flutterstep @Mellow Mane @Totally Lyra @Sparklefan1234 @Dynamo Pad @Cash In @Sondash Studios @Deae Rising Shine~ and @TheRockARooster and so many more...
    THANK YOU!!! 

  3. DivineKnight1000
    "Does doing something wrong for the right reasons make it wrong?"
    Those who know me know how much I love Princess Celestia and Luna and how wonderful and amazing they are, but there is one other pony (or in this case changling) who I feel doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. Her name: Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changlings! All the time, I hear things, awful things, about Chrysalis and of evil, ugly, emotionless she is and I'm here to tell you all that you all couldn't be farther from the truth! Chrysalis is neither of these things and there's plenty of proof that says so.
    Evil: What is evil? Simple. Evil is the action of individual taking and using any means necessary to inflict violence and cruel suffering to all those around them without remorse, doing so for either personal gain or simply "because it's fun". Sure, to be fair, Chrysalis has decided to take the love of everypony and that sounds cruel at first glance, but you have to step back and realize that she doesn't do this because it's "fun" or personal gain. She does these things because it is the only way her people can survive and they literally need to feed off of love to survive! Without it, Chrysalis and her changlings die and who would ever want something like that to happen to somepony else?
    That's why she does all of this: For her people! Maybe in the past she tried to find other ways to help her people to survive, and all of these ways always end in a dead end. And now she had gotten to the point where she was desperate to help her people and feeding off of love was the last resort she could come to! She does what she does because she doesn't have a choice now or else they all die! No one deserves to die in such a fate and Queen Chrysalis was the one to spit in the name of fate itself!
    Ugly: This word is used to describe an individual as grotesque, without beauty or style. They are simply unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance. None of these words could ever describe Queen Chrysalis, and is far from these UGLY words! She has the beauty that no other pony in Equestria will ever have: Inner beauty! A heart as burdened and guilt ridden as hers must go through a lot of stress, but she still manages to show the world how wrong they are about her. Nopony will ever tell her that what she does is wrong and nopony will stop her from helping her subjects, who means more to her than even herself! On the inside she is strong and a warrior who will NOT stop until she sets things right once and for all!
    On the outside: Even more beauty that outshines everypony in Equestria! Ugly will never be a word I'd use to describe Queen Chrysalis...
    Emotionless: An individual who does not show or feel any emotion to anything or anyone/pony! They do not care for sadness, happiness, love, hope or hatred nor any other emotion... They simply feel... NOTHING! Queen Chrysalis is the last creature that should be described as such, for she has endured and felt more than one ever should. Sadness for her subjects suffering and feeling as though she has failed them, Happy when she has the chance to fix everything and to make things change for the better, Love for the newborn changlings and the Hope that she can protect them as a mother should protect her young, and Hatred for those who want to stand in her way and tell to give up and stop trying... NEVER!!
    But the one emotion she has to endure the most: Pain. The pain that she might never save her subjects, the pain that everyone wants to push her to the ground and tell her NO! But most importantly, the pain of getting back up onto her feet and pushing back against the world! All of the pain, suffering and EMOTIONAL scars she's had to endure on her quest is what makes her so strong!
    The world wants to push Chrysalis down? She'll get right back up and push right back a thousandfold! 
    And there you have it: Three reasons why Chrysalis is no evil, ugly, or emotionless creature of darkness. She is simply a survivor who wants what's best for her people and only somechangling with a heart as strong as hers can take the hardest choices in life and make it a part of her strong will! The will to survive and the will to set things right once and for all!
    I will always love Queen Chrysalis and nopony will ever convince me otherwise! 

  4. DivineKnight1000
    It's been a while since my last blog entry, but now is a perfect time to say a few (well actually a lot of words) about my brief but overall enjoyable time here on these forums. I've been a MLP fan for 4 years now I think and my first experience of was seeing Celestia and Luna in a video about the Top 10 Non-Disney Princesses and they were both number 5 on the list. At the time, I didn't think much of the show or the fandom, and just sort of brushed it off like it was nothing and didn't really pay attention to it. Then, when the video actually talked about Celestia and Luna, I was actually surprised by the things they could do and how they both had a rough and difficult past.
    I never expected a show like this to have such a powerful kind of plot and it started to peak my interest. So, I did a Google search of Celestia and Luna and realized how pretty both of them were. Then, mostly out of curiosity, I looked up an episode of the show that centered around the two of them and "A Royal Problem" was the first MLP episode I watched. I didn't know who Twilight or Starlight was at the time, so I just skimmed the episode for moments of just the two princesses and it actually got a laugh out of me a few times.
    Then, three years of these two princesses (and later Queen Chrysalis), I wanted to find some topics on these forums about the two of them so I could discuss it with other people and see what they thought. At first, that was the only reason I created my account on here, just so I could partake the conversation about Celestia and Luna. And yeah, I did post a Celestia and Luna in the Welcoming Plaza, but that was only because I didn't really know what it was at the time. And when I created my welcome post, I wanted everyone to know that Celestia and Luna were my favorite ponies ever.
    When I first joined, I didn't know what to do and didn't think I was going to make that many friends on here. I decided to consult some veterans of the site and get some advice from them: Make some friends, react to other people's posts and generally just be a friendly and nice person, which I always am. And let me tell you, I took that advice to heart and did exactly that.
    As I started to make a name for myself and gained a few followers, I saw that I could make my own status updates and decided that I wanted all of the forums to know how awesome Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis were. I saw that I could post pictures and since I had an entire folder of Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis pics, I thought: "What better way to express my love for these three than through some pictures?" And after that, it sort of just became my thing and all my posts would always have picture/song/video in place of just words, because to me, just saying the words I want to say wouldn't be enough and that it would be kind of boring.
    Then, a few days later after I joined, something incredible happened! I went to my profile and saw that I had won an award for most liked content within a single day. I did this after just EIGHT days here on the forums, something I never thought would happen. And then I saw that I had won another day, and the day after that, and the day after that. FIVE whole days in a row I had won that award and I was absolutely flabbergasted. Was I really this popular already? In such a short amount of time? It was unreal!
    But, then again, I couldn't have gotten this far without the support and friendship of all my followers and friends on here. All of them are just so friendly and nice and I'm glad that I got to meet and talk with all of them. I will never forget all of the amazing friends that I've made on here and I hope that they will remember me.
    A few honorable mentions for people who are just the best on here: @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Phosphor @Lord Valtasar @TheTaZe @Mellow Mane @Mirage @Twilight and Starlight @lyrabetes3939 You all and so many other people on here will always be my greatest friends and I hope that all of you are always doing well.
    And now here I am, only 9 months after I joined, and now how have 76 followers, over 10000 brohoofs, 39 days won and countless awesome and amazing friends. It has been a wild and crazy ride and I never could have made it this far without all of you.
    Thank you all for everything!

  5. DivineKnight1000
    It’s kinda funny really. When I first got into MLP, the first ponies I knew of were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and both looked like such beautiful princesses and the best sisters ever. 
    And Luna... she looked so amazing, I thought she was the nicest, silliest and sweetest pony ever and that’s all I ever thought she was. But then, I went back to the beginning of the show and saw this “Nightmare Moon” character, and of course I knew she was evil and I was just waiting for Celestia or Luna to take her out.
    And then I got to the end of the episode and it revealed that Nightmare Moon was... Luna?! I was taken by surprise at first, because I knew that there was no way a pony as amazing and kind as Luna would EVER do something like this.
    But I read deeper into the story and saw that Luna had been imprisoned on the moon for 1000 years by Celestia because Luna was so angered at being in her sister’s shadow, thinking that she was simply forgotten and ignored and that nopony appreciated the beautiful nights she made because they were always asleep during them.
    Nightmare Moon was a creature born out of misguided hatred and jealousy of Celestia. The Princess Luna that I know... would never do this, because she knows that her and Celestia are sisters and always will be, no matter what happens!
    I wish Nightmare Moon never existed because I know Luna is better than this. She not some creature of darkness that everypony should fear like a monster in the closet, she is a beautiful princess that guards ponies dreams and brings forth the night that everypony DOES appreciate!
    She is Princess Luna and nothing else.
  6. DivineKnight1000
    I know that this isn’t MLP related but it’s important to note about how long I’ve been a Sonic fan and why Sonic himself is my favorite character of all time and is personally my idol.
    It all started in 2008, I was 10-11 years old I think and I went into a game store with my mom because she told me I could pick out a game because of a lot of very good things that I did beforehand. I saw Sonic Unleashed for PS2, which at the time was the latest Sonic game, and I told my mom that I wanted that game and I remember her asking me why I wanted that one.
    ”The guy on the cover looks cool” is what I said.
    So she bought it and when we got home, I immediately went to my room and played the game on my PS2. I loved this game and every thing was so awesome, because of how fast I could go and how awesome Sonic was. Over time, I managed to finish the game and after I did I told myself:
    ”That game was so fun! Is there any other games like this?”
    And I was so correct. I looked up Sonic online and saw a good 20 other Sonic games and I wanted to play all of them. So, sometime later I got Sonic Mega Collection Plus for my PS2 and played through all of the Classic games and I loved all of them.
    ”Sonic is so awesome! He’s so fast and cool”
    At that moment, my love for Sonic and his games soared. Every time a Sonic game came out, I’d always get it and play the hell out it. Sometimes at school, I’d even tell my friends how awesome Sonic is and how I wish I could be just like him.
    (Sometimes during gym class, whenever we had to do running, I would hold my arms out like Sonic does and run... Silly, I know, but all I could think of at the time was Sonic)
    And now, 11 years later and still a proud Sonic fan and always will be, because even if Sonic is a fictional character, he’s still my hero and someone I wanted to be!
    I hope Sonic the Hedgehog keeps running until the end of time, so that I can continue running alongside him!
  7. DivineKnight1000
    I haven't made a blog entry in a while but I just thought I should put my little subconscious dream to words for you all... at least the best that I can do for a dream. I had a dream last night, and at first I didn't know where I was or if anyone else was around and the next thing I see is someone... or in this case somePONY walking towards me! Who was it? 
    Princess Luna herself! I looked at her in awe and shock as the moon above me shined down on her and my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing! Was she really here standing before me or was this all in my head? I mean, of course I know that it was a dream, but I couldn't help that feeling it very well could be real! I tried to ask her something, but I can't remember what I said or if she answered me. Luna simply asked me to follow her and I did so without hesitation.
    She asked me, "Do you believe that I am here?"
    And again, I don't remember my answer to her, but I do remember myself smiling at her because I thought she was simply beautiful. Maybe she could sense that, and maybe that's why she was here. All I know is that she was there and I couldn't believe it! Luna then asked me to sit next to her in the grass and she told me to look up into the starry skies above us. The stars were so beautiful as well, with so many lights zooming by at the speed of light and the moon which only completed the look of the skies!
    Luna once more asked me a question, "What do you see?" She looked to the same stars when she asked me that. This time, however, I do remember my answer, "All I see is you, Luna!" After I told her that, she smiled again and saw her horn glow a dark blue and she blasted the stars with a magic spell. The next thing I see, and this is the best part to me, is a good thousand Lunas floating down from the stars above. Everywhere I looked, there was so many Lunas and I felt myself smiling so happily at the wondrous sight before me.
    And that is when I woke up and saw my Luna plushie next to me too. Is that why I had that dream, because I had my Luna plushie beside me? Was Luna herself watching over my dreams and decided to pay mine a visit for the night? I have no idea and no answer, but in that dream, even if it was for just a moment, I thought that Luna was real!
  8. DivineKnight1000
    A party is always a fantastic way to bring ponies together and do all sorts of fun activities, so I thought it’d be a great idea to throw a party for all my awesome ponies friends!
    First step: Invitations.
    Who would I invite to this party? I actually have a list of who I’d like to come to the party! Celestia and Luna (if they’re not busy) Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Fluttershy. Chrysalis (if she promises to behave herself here), Starlight and Trixie, Lyra and Bonbon, the CMC, Spitfire and I’d like to have Vinyl for musical entertainment! All my favorite ponies in one place and having fun together, nothing could be better!
    Step two: Food! 
    I’ll have to consult Pinkie on the food, but we definitely need sweets and pizza, because both are delicious. Maybe while Pinkie is making sweets, I’ll make my own homemade pizzas and make sure to put out soda and punch to drink and chips and mini sandwiches to snack on. Food is the fuel that keeps the party going, and we need full tanks all night long!
    Step 3: Entertainment 
    I already mentioned that I’d like to invite Vinyl Scratch to bless our party with sweet jams, but we coujd always use more activities to have fun and play together. Outdoor activities could consist of horseshoes and cornhole and perhaps Starlight and Trixie could put on a little magical performance to lighten up the crowd. Inside activities? Video games and board games are a must and we’ll put on a good movie to watch together later in the night. Gotta keep the party rolling and make sure everypony is having a wonderful time!
    Step 4: Sleeping arrangements!
    I’ll put out sleeping beds and make sure all my guest rooms are clean and have plenty of blankets! Where will I sleep? Probably on the couch, unless somepony asks me to sleep next to them!
    Final Step: Have fun!
    I don’t need to explain this one.
  9. DivineKnight1000
    The first thing I would do is make my way to Canterlot, run past all the guards and see Celestia and Luna. To see these two gorgeous princesses in person would be the greatest thing in the world, and i'd tell them how much i admire and respect the two of them for everything they do for their kingdom and for everypony is simply amazing. Then, if they allowed me, I'd give both of them the biggest hugs in the world and tell them how beautiful and amazing they are. I'd be in luck though, because both of them allow me those hugs and happily hugged me back and thank me for the support and admiration i just gave.
    After that, and after another 10 minutes of hugging the princesses, I'd make my way to the Everfree Forest and lure in Queen Chrysalis with a heart shaped box of chocolates. She'd ask why I am here and why I'm not afraid of her and I'd tell her: It's because I love her and I don't think she's evil... and that she was beautiful. And like with the princesses, I'd ask if I could hug her, and with my endless luck again, she allowed me to hug her and actually hugged me back and whispered "Thank you", only to quickly leave after that.
    I'd then go back into Ponyville and talk with Rainbow Dash and tell her how awesome she is and how I think she's the (second) fastest thing I've ever seen. She'd give me a hoof bump and actually showed off how fast she was by doing a Sonic Rainboom and I was completely stunned and amazed by the spectacle. Then maybe talk with Twilight and Fluttershy and ask if they could show me around Ponyville and make sure I wave hello to everypony we pass by. All we would do is talk and have fun together with all my new pony friends
    A whole day in Equestria would be amazing!
  10. DivineKnight1000
    Let's see... Why do I love Celestia and Luna more than anypony? Well first off, they both were the first MLP characters I discovered and the reason I became a fan in the first place. All it took to turn me was a video about Princesses and of course at first, I didn't think much of it because I thought it was simply just another girly show to avoid, but one day I actually took a chance and looked up pictures of Celestia and Luna and went and looked on the wikia for more information, only to discover how incredibly powerful and very beautiful they both were. One rose the sun and the other rose the moon? That's amazing. Even before MLP, I always had a thing for Princesses in the past, and being a Legend of Zelda and Sonic fan, it was easy for me to fall into the love for these two princesses.
    So, I actually took my chance a step further and watched an episode of the show that was about the princesses and "A Royal Problem" was the first episode I watched. At the time, I didn't know who Twilight or Starlight was and just watched the two princesses scenes instead. Both Celestia and Luna were hilarious in the episode and it got a good laugh out of me at one point.
    3 years of being a MLP fan later, I questioned myself again: Why do I love these two beautiful alicorn princesses so much? And the only answer I can give is because they both taught me a valuable lesson of how to forgive and forget things that happen in the past. After going back and hearing of the whole Nightmare Moon thing that happened to Luna, something born out of a misplaced jealousy and the poisonous ways Luna tried to make her own sister suffer, it actually made me sad to hear that she was banished to the MOON for a thousand years for her actions. But of course, this was because Celestia had no other choice, or else Luna's rage at her sister would have turned to the newborn kingdom they both had the responsibility of holding together. Celestia was indeed broken from this battle, wondering to herself if she would ever see her dear sister again or if what she did to Luna was wrong, every time she looked toward the Moon where Luna then resided.
    A thousand years later, Twilight and her friends save Luna from her torment and what does Celestia immediately do? Not scream or yell at her for what she's gone through for the past thousand years, but instead embraces her sister and asks for her friendship and sisterhood once more, with Luna happily agreeing to and begging for Celestia's forgiveness, unaware that she already had forgiven her.
    They're sisters, and that all that matters. Never mind all that happened in the past, let it stay there, because the only thing that matters is what you choose to be in the future. As long as you or someone you know is willing to let go of the past, you can make it through anything, no matter how hard or tough the situation is!
    I can think of no better teachers than the two Royal Sisters. Both are so beautiful and incredible and even after a thousand years apart from one another,  they're both still sisters until the end!