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  1. @Bas yep it is @Randimaxis So blame them for my shenanigans.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but I am tossing a draft version of my OCs story on the forums and figured I could send folks that way.
  3. Chapter 3 Sonic Booms “Silly pony business” I muttered into my oats for breakfast, the honey was a nice touch but still. The princess of magic was big on three square for students so classes while early still had time for food. I was stuck in school, pretty much the pony version of highs school, I was a gent in glasses who was catching nonsense in high school with glasses on. I at least had finished my reading, though because of the inability to twist something up I, missing details. Again I needed chaos like some people needed music to study. So when the next round of fun was to begin, based on movement in the ponies around me right about now. A clawed fist slammed down into the table with the eyes of a rather childishly annoyed griffin attached to it. I finished chewing my oats, pushing my bowl aside, they really were good. “So this is how it is going to be huh?” “I am Gerry, you are in my spot new meat,” I said nothing for a moment, scanning the room for a moment. “No teach is going to save you now meat, I am king of this roost.” I could see him starting to size me up, but using his eyes to watch some little earth pony in the corner, she was a good looking from what I could tell species-wise but there was an air of weakness about her that made predators and bullies...well be predators and bullies. The other check was for staff, none that I could see didn't know if this was good or bad. “Oh, that is neat Gerry, I am Knight Error, I am also sure you know that I am not the best pony to play cat post with right?” There was a bit of irritation in my voice at this point. Griffins can be very smart, but they have an eagle's focus and a cat's brain when it comes to dealing with weakness. That is the bully thing, but seriously friendship school, this should be a gimme. “Bro, I know you are trying to prove your kitty bits dropped but seriously, step back and nothing bad happens.” That was warning two, this was going to be pro forma but never say I don't have a code. Beakie leaned in and got beak to snout with me, “I will end you here and now, they are going to need whole hospital wing just to get through...” And with that it was on, yep, I swung first, this was not the time for too much honor. Spinning back-hoof to the temple, wing snap to distract and then gain altitude with the lift from the snap. He was shaken since he was the one used to swinging first because ponies by nature are about as mushy as marshmallows. I might have the shape, but again I am no simple Pegasus. He screeched a particularly nasty word about my love life, as he launched into the air trying to grapple me, again typical griffin thinking thumbs were the only advantage in combat. I had height and soon speed since I was moving first. My back hooves coiled on the ceiling and I shot forward with the intent to do even more harm, I really did like those oats. I don't think he had ever seen murder's stone cold eyes in a pony before, however, he was smart enough to shift to the open claw style. Griffins were great warriors, bad soldiers, too much cat but whoever taught him, was good. You ever hear, nope FEEL a Doppler Shift, cause I know I did as someone hit me low and on the side, going for restraint as I felt slash heard the boom. Loyalty was here, and she was...miffed. “EVERYPONY stop!” The military command in the voice stilled us both, similar teachers then. Though might tended to be more quiet about it, this was... “Gerry office now, I will see to our newbie here!” The Griffin snapped a salute and slink-ed off tail between legs. I saw another pony with a lilac mane and a flouncing step that was pure upper-class trot but she also had the fighter's eye following him as if his keeper. Oh, double hockey sticks that is Generosity on the poor soul, ouch. She had my hocks in a hold I recognized as very painful but not very damaging, one that could change quickly though. “You and me are going to have a lovely chat newbie, I will let AJ know you are busy. “ I didn't it braced as I was against the wall. “Yes, ma'am,” I said loud enough to be heard but still quiet enough that I wasn't making even more of a scene. I glanced down and there were wide eyes everywhere and one changeling was shivering from the overload of rage and love of combat. Pegasi are light, comes with flight and she was strong as some magical beasts I had tussled with, Loyalty filled her with combat edges after all. Defender of Friendship, you would think Honesty was stronger from the tree kicking, but Honesty usually was the investigator and well base of the team, think a combination of that annoying detective and a house mom. Needless to say, the next ten minutes were going to be unpleasant.
  4. Chapter two In which Our hero Learns the Cost of Wings and The Weight of Knowledge I seemed to be getting a bundle of staring technicolor onlookers as the student body started to size me up. I resisted the urge to shoot that one griffin the wing sign that would inform him of what I thought of the look and his mother. I felt the telekinetic version of an ear flick from the guidance counselor. Glare and glare met but I put my head down and marched myself into the office. Really this was a personal hell. “I am doing this as a favor to two people young pony.” The Alicorn's voice was businesslike and prim. Her dragon assistant was giving me the scaly eyeball along with a flexing of his wings. I lifted my head and raised an eyebrow. “Crazy uncle D and who else?” I kept that name off my lips, you never know who is listening and I am not in the mood for the old one in wacky mode. “Fluttershy, she is big on rehabilitation.” So Kindness was an ally, hmm. “Ahem, you are a pony under my charge.” Starlight stated it, “I am acting as your legal guardian before the princess of the sun, moon, love, and friendship, you mess up, I get the work alright.” He voice was icy cool and one used to both command and that a history, considering her background, yeah I would be polite for a bit. “So names, you have a cutie mark and that is a plus, but your flank is going to be treated as lacking if you don't know your own name in our land.” The princess seemed antsy about that. I could probably figure she liked things neat and tidy. Silly pony, that is not how the universe works even with magic, especially with magic. I nodded. “I can understand that but I am at something of a loss, I am here in friendship school to learn about the harmonious life to gain balance, sure, but I am not of this world or really tied to it.” I flapped my wings for a hint of lift and to be a bit of a brat as papers started to flutter, I am a deceiver but I am honest about it. “Furthermore principal twilight, I know more about theory and practice of magic than most unicorns here, minus yourself, your student and probably the princesses.” Smug sure, but when you used to be able to perceive nuclear forces and more in action you get to be a jerk. She frowned and her horn glowed for a moment as did her eyes and I felt the twisting threads of Honesty and Loyalty dragged in a dancing knot of power. The other forces that made up her being and magic, they were there too, but the major forces were the ones that caused me the most fits when completing my work. “You are a pert one, oh child of fools, Trickster and Tricked, loyal and honest but a liar you are. The name you shall have is Knight Error.” I shivered as the name locked into my soul by forces that were older than time and younger than the next dawn. “Knight Error, know this, you will not be a hero, nor will you be the villain, you will be the one who knows truths and has to lie to protect, who must betray to save, and who brings sorrow for joy, take to give and finally cut with thy tongue to be gentle and true.” The final words were said as she came back down from the realm of the great forces. “You shall be the Knight of fools and your folly will save the land in shadows.” The elements smiled thinly, “And crafted chaos shall bring thee no rest.” I blanched at these words. Here is why, we spirits of chaos need the very chaos we create, think of it like soothing music or really good tea. Warm and fuzzy to our ears and minds, and there is a euphoria attached to the work as a small reward, that was gone, Discord had mentioned something to that effect, but now I can only wonder if my innate sense of magic was the only thing left, I could fly as this shape, so that was a little freedom. But seriously what was my talent as this Knight Error Pony thing? She slumped and there was a bunch of wide-eyed ponies(I could feel the auras of the unicorns and hear the rustle of wings and thump of hooves.) and one dragon. As for me, all I could say was, “Oh horseapples, an exciting adventure.” Starlight my jailer popped up on that one, “Not yet Knight Error, you don't get to leave until you get to class for the next semester, you are going to learn to pony up and deal.” A pair of weighted saddlebags hit my flanks, “Your first assignment is to meet with your school buddy and learn the rules, and before you try to sneak and slither your way around them, I will be watching you always.” “ALWAYS.” She added the hint of magic to remind me of what she could do to a pony. "These are your books for this semester, read the first four chapters of the ones with green covers first." She grinned evilly, "That should cover enough history to make sure you don't create an...incident." Twilight shivered awake, “Welcome to School again Knight Error, and be prompt, class begins tomorrow morning bright and early for Apple Jack.” I groaned. “Double horse apples!” Starlight flicked my ear again and said, “LANGUAGE!”
  5. Thanks again all, I am just getting my bearings and will be trying to figure out requistra(sp?)to get my OC on lock.
  6. The fact remains, I messed up. While some of my kind are cheerful little tricksters, spiteful sure but not directly harmful usually. I was not so. I was someone who bent the rules until the bending snapped them hard. I was the scorpion everyone picked up and regretted I was the trickster's trickster. So here I was before the tribunal, my crime of passion, by tilting an election that led to a powerful nation's civil war. Even chaos has rules, has its own harmony. And I was another discordant note in the song, to be cast down into some void or outer darkness to contemplate my sins. Or so I thought. The two eldest Eris and Discord leaned in their thrones each spinning counterclockwise to each other. One has to have coffee if the other had tea, it was the frictions that made a balance of a sort. I stood claws crossed and tapping my hoofed leg impatiently. “Shykatsu, Titled the Dream Breaker, Lord of the Spider Dance and Master of Truths in Lies and Chatterer of the Ten Thousand Whispers. We hereby find thee guilty of harmonic disruption, know that while we are chaos, we craft the Balance, and in your haste to make a world better in thy sight, you destroyed the harmony of that world for the next three score and ten generations.” The male who crafts of chaos shook his head, going informal or back to normal speech at least. “Because of my own example sonny you did wrong, and you know it, that attitude doesn't as your relativity we are going to be sending you to school...again. “ The female who fans all rancor smiled. “Think of it as a graduate program in harmony, however this form and your powers are too great and powerful to be handled by the majority of the inhabitants of the land, thus you will be lessened and only in times of great need or when the time comes for you to show your truth to your teachers, will you take this education or do we have to get...creative?” She said it sweetly, but you know that mom voice that means you really really done goofed. Yeah, that was it. So I nodded with a bit of a defiant glare. My arms still crossed. “I will go back to school...Mom.” The sound of two snaps and I was spinning through the dark matter of space, the broken webs that gave scientists nightmares and brains hurt in the morning, I didn't hurtle to the ground though, and when I bounced...the land, well it squeaked. “Dang it, oh fudge sticks!” I tried to curse, nada. My voice was still my voice and I felt the glasses on my nose of my student days. I was some form of a teenager at least and when I looked down I saw green grass and only my hooves. Hooves, aw no, I remember that trip to earth with 'dad'(as beings of concept we don't really relate to each other, the universe seems to make us as at random or for some need), and the chuckles of some of his misadventures as children's programming. I then started to stretch muscles and see what I was fully beyond pony. The good news was they let me keep my wings. The bad was, I had no active magic, no horn so not an alicorn as was my want if I was in this land. So I was not going to be able to do as I pleased, of course, this being a punishment. They must have been actually miffed. The chaos within was bound up in such a way as to tie into the mark on my flank, the symbol was a Jester's Cap on a shield blue and yellow as was the rest of me, though I think my eyes were more like molten brass, I had to be weird somehow obviously. The only reason I know that is that I The guardian fool or the fool you needed to guard only time will tell. I could still sense magic, that was for sure as I felt the air burst and the purple leader of nice and harmony stared into my eyes. Her companion was a unicorn, lilac and green and a powerful one at that, who seemed haunted by her sins. I knew of them and their quirks, oh double joy. “Shykatsu, no you will be someone else here, I will note it later since my books mention you, welcome to Ponyville, we have a lot to do today, and the list just got longer. I am princess twilight sparkle and this is your Guidance Counselor Starlight Glimmer, welcome to our Friendship School.” And with that, I was teleported to my own personal Tartarus, Friendship High School. “Ahhh son of a biscuit.” I muttered under my breath with a sigh. “And here we go.”
  7. Thanks all I hope to get grooving more once I settle in a bit
  8. Thanks super shy but sweet person, good to be here!
  9. So howdy all...I am Shykatsu aka The struggle gamer.