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  1. I'm hoping to give out some Easter eggs to some children at the downtown church! My mother is religious but loves LGBT people and wanted to meet the pastor of the LGBT friendly community there. 



    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      That's very kind. <3

    2. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      The big gold egg is for any sad kid at the church. There is always one that's in a depressed mood so I made a big egg to cheer them up. 

    3. Ecto Storm
  2. Iris finally shows one of her eyes. I wonder what she's looking at! 



    1. TheTaZe


      She has cute eyes! ^_^

    2. Ecto Storm
  3. Good morning! I'm gonna get some coffee and possibly go fursuiting at the park or downtown. 

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Take a pic if ya do!

  4. I love the positive aggression here. Keep at it!
  5. @TwilySparky @PathfinderCS @TheRockARooster You guys better eat this amazing Twilight cake before I do. lol
  6. We all need to rant about things every now and then. What if I told you that there is a fun way to rant? Introducing aggressive positive rants! All you gotta do is what exactly the title implies. Rant about anything positive in your life aggressively. I'll give an example of myself aggressively ranting about my love for lemon flavored treats: Oh. My. GLOB. Lemon treats are like my rejuvenation food! I just wanna eat them all day like a lion chews on it's meaty dinner! Orange treats are no match for the lemony goodness of those new cake pops from Starbucks or the lemon custard tarts from my local market! Lemons on their own are good but LEMON TREATS ARE DA-BOMB!!!! I can burn people's houses down... with the lemon treats. Pumpkin spice treats? nah. Chocolate fudge treats? Maybe. Lemon treats??? HECK YEAH! .
  7. Princess Twilight Sparkle in a bottle! Similar to the Fluttershy one but with Twilight instead. I like this one a bit more.



    1. Pathfinder


      D'aww; very cute ^^

    2. Rikifive


      Aww that's awesome! :catface:

  8. Gonna make some more bottled pony cutouts today. After eating my 7-11 stash though. 

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Got any of them chimichangas?

    2. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      You bet I do! Nom nom nom

  9. Good morning everypony! I finally finished my first resin pieces in years today. Here they are! 




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheRockARooster


      Wow, that’s amazing.

      You’re really talented.

    3. Phosphor


      Those are cute! :mlp_grin:

  10. I'm really psyched to make some of these bottled pony cutouts for people! I love adding all sorts of decorative elements and backgrounds to my cutouts. I decided that I would like to trade some customs for art of Iris in return. I can make it anyway you want! I can even send the cutout if you request me to. Any takers? LunaLusterdust is my Instagram name.
  11. Fluttershy is resting in a terrarium bottle. X3 I had fun making this! Might make prettier ones of people's OC ponies. 



    1. Pathfinder


      This is adorable! ^^

    2. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      Thanks! I wish I could turn these into stickers or something.

    3. Pathfinder


      That'd be cute; especially if you could do a series of them. :3

  12. I have nothing but positive things to say about your art. My critique would mostly be praise if I gave a full paragraph. XD
  13. I'm finally making resin pieces and jewelry again! It's been years since I last tried it. Hopefully these turn out better than my last attempts. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are my favorite ponies so of course they are the center pieces of these. I'll post the finished products tonight when everything is hardened completely.
  14. Regaining a passion for something always feels good. 

  15. Finally got to post my new handmade Twilight plush from VallePassTime on etsy! I love it so much. X3 She's on my shoulder at the moment. 



    1. TheTaZe


      That actually doesn't look too bad. Great job!

      Oops! I thought you made that, my bad. Still, it's pretty cute!

    2. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      The artist who made her said that she worked really hard on her. She hand embroidered her and everything! This plush stood out to me so I bought it really fast. Lol

    3. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      That plush looks really cute! It reminds me of the kind of plushies that are made to sit on your shoulder. I believe they are made with a sort of weight placed within the plush. That, or it has a sort of magnet system. I could be wrong, but I remember seeing a plush at BABScon and Bronycon. Still, the Twilight plush looks awesome and very well done. :) 

  16. My instagram name is LunaLusterdust. here 

  17. MHA is one of the best animes in my opinion. It's one of my new favorites and I'm EXTREMELY picky with anime already. I like your drawing and would like to see more!
  18. Iris Flower

    Ask Fluttergoth

    Sooooo if you were to take a bath in a tub or something and came out... would that make the water Fluttergoth-broth or just regular plain water???
  19. I'm very picky with the ways I drink coffee. If I'm having an iced one at a restaurant I will add at least 1 or 2 little teaspoons of extra cream. If I'm having a hot latte from Starbucks I will ask for it at a "kids temperature" as well as an extra pump of flavor. I always eat something with my coffee to balance my consumption of food/beverage.
  20. I can concur with everything you've stated.
  21. Marvelous work here! I'm highly impressed this. I'm incredibly curious if you could breakdown Iris's cutie mark without looking at her bio.
  22. Unusual storm patterns, footstep sounds behind me in hallways and small "crawling" sensations inside my body really freak me out.