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  1. I’ve never broken anything really but the most pain I’ve been in was when we were moving stuff out of our storage unit into our new house and the door got stuck on something so I had to crawl under the door and get it unstuck so my dad opened the door and his welding tank fell and crushed my hand it worst part was that my hand wasn’t even flat it was sideways so *PAIN INTENSIFIES*

  2. 6 hours ago, BastementSparkle said:

    Canonically, it takes place inbetween Seasons 7 and 8, as Season 8 acknowledges the movie directly and follows up on some things from it. If you wanted, you could probably watch it earlier than that, but I'd suggest at the very least watching it after finishing Season 6, as while the main plot isn't too spoilery, there are a few minor background details that could spoil things.

    Ok thanks for the info friend!

  3. 1 minute ago, Opal said:

    Spike was beautiful. I think with practice and effort you will get better and better. On account of the Rainbow Dash make it a "chin" is rounded, not straight, will be more beautiful.👍

    Thanks and yeah I noticed that to on rainbow Dash I tried rounding it out more but eventually just stopped before making it worse lol