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  1. I watched one anime in my entire life and it was called high school of the dead or something like that
  2. Abstract-I’m good I keep playing it over and over XD
  3. Banned for banning the one who banned the one who banned the dance beat that
  4. Nope just ended up hurting in the end I stopped caring about being in a relationship because when you care about someone you care when they’re gone
  5. Straight n single probably gonna be like that forever XD
  6. I haven’t really hugged anyone for a long time but I would 100 percent hug Rainbow Dash if I got the chance she’s my favorite pony
  7. My uncle and my stepdad served in the army I’m thinking about joining the military too
  8. Wow you are really talented I wish I could draw nearly as good as that if you don’t mind me asking what do you use to draw these pictures? Also definitely dropping a follow I’m excited to see your future works
  9. I honestly don’t care what other people think about what I wear but my mom wants me to be presentable so I have to look nice other than that I don’t care what someone thinks of me
  10. Great now because as of this post I’m no longer a cupcake
  11. I had one where my family shoved me outside the door where a headless mannequin was waiting for me
  12. They are both delusional flat earthers more so because I would believe the fake moon landing more than the earth being flat