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  1. The Color of Something Wonderful Pastel Shades has the most boring job in Equestria: telling new parents what color their children are. It's not a pleasant job, but it's a necessary job, and it's the little reminders that make it tolerable.
  2. (I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this. It's not technically off-topic as it's still related to MLP, so I figured this'd be fine.) For those familiar with the basic CoD Zombies story, I wanted to speculate on something with you. What would happen if the Apothicons had hidden the MPD on Equestria's moon rather than Earth's, and had sent element 115 to Equestria? I only have two things to say on the matter, but I'm curious what else could be added to it: The Apothicons had sent element 115 to Earth in the hopes that Humans would begin to use it to wage war, thus opening a gateway for them to enter. Obviously, Equestria wouldn't use element 115 to wage war... so what would they do with it, and what would be the result? Luna/Nightmare Moon would discover the MPD upon being banished there. What would happen from there?
  3. I'm Ace. At least, that's what people call it when they don't feel comfortable using the other word. In other words, not physically attracted to anyone. Although... I debate whether it's really an orientation, or a lack of one.
  4. Fanning out over an an incredible custom Lego Portal set that someone's trying to get made official.
  5. Definitely room for improvement. I would've fixed a lot of the issues right away, but I didn't want to burn myself out on it. Thanks! I plan on it! And thanks. Considering I sorta just... tossed the background together last-minute, I tried to at least give it some value with the blurring and all. Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, the background isn't very great... I did, admittedly, toss it together last minute. When I eventually get around to redoing it, I plan on doing a much more show-accurate background.
  6. This came into my head after imagining a cute little scene based on an ongoing roleplay I'm taking part in, in which my character, a human from the real-world, is rescued from a dangerous threat by Starlight and brought to Equestria to be kept safe, turning into a pony in the process. The art I made here, my first fan-art, embodies a few key elements of the RP: a mentor-like relationship with Starlight paired with a sense of wonder as my character discovers the new world around him. In this scene, Starlight is demonstrating a levitation spell, and my character is in awe because, obviously, he's never floated before. Anyway, for now it's finished - although there are several flaws I do want to fix at some point in the future, including a background that... frankly, I just sorta threw together because I was running out of patience. Originally drawn on paper, then re-done in digital. Please let me know what you think! I like to think the name takes multiple meanings: As my first fan-art, it's me gaining experience. Starlight, herself, is experienced - which she's demonstrating here. My character is having the experience of a lifetime. (Please note that the character in the picture isn't one-and-the-same with my OC, Cherry Pop. Since my OC is a representation of me if I were a pony, it's only fitting that the pony-form of a non-EG human based on me coming to Equestria takes the same form. Despite that, they are not the same characters.) (Also please visit my friend's Deviantart! She's the one responsible for Cherry Pop's original design! She's taking commissions right now so that she can save up money for Bronycon, so please help her out if you want!)
  7. Just posted about it recently, then discovered this thread. I've only had one so far. Wind Sprint was grown up and in the human world, but still a pony, and we were friends. I don't remember the rest of the details.
  8. Being a relatively new fan of the show, my mind hasn't had as much time to implement it into my dreams yet. It's always such a treat when one of your favorite stories influences your dreams. In this case, an MLP character ended up in my dream. I don't remember the details, but unluckily, my dream chose Wind Sprint, of all characters, to be in it. Could've been any of the Mane 6, or even any of the common side-characters, and instead my dream chose a single-episode character. Lucky me. Anyway, as I said, I don't remember any of the details. Just that Wind Sprint was grown-up, and we were friends, and that's about it. Have any of you ever had an MLP dream that didn't go the way you had hoped?
  9. My friend says that her friend thinks in English because it's faster. I can't quite recall his native language, though.
  10. Thanks! I hope so. Thanks for the offer!
  11. Hi everypony! I'm new here - and to the community in general - but I hope to become fairly active here. I mostly came here for RP, but I'm sure I'll get involved a little bit of everywhere. In fact, I'm glad that this site requires I make a few posts here-and-there before I get access to the RP forum, because otherwise I might've gone straight there, and avoided the rest of the forum out of nervousness. I'll be honest, This whole thing's new to me. Being a part of the community for something like this, I mean. For the longest time, I've had to deal with an "ego" (if that's the right word) that prevented me from openly enjoying animated content, no matter how well-written it is, and even among all of you - people who obviously share the same interest - I may feel a bit nervous or shy for a while. I'm hoping to get over it, though. I also hope all of you will find me to be a kind individual who's easy to get along with. Anyway, I guess this is getting a bit longer than it should've been, but... thanks for reading it, and once again, hello!