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  1. Happy Belated Hearths Warming everypony!
  2. I have discovered Senorita bread and its amazing!
  3. Yes I would. Its a cold day so I hope you like soup, tea, and video games.
  4. I only sing when I know no one besides my BF can hear me.
  5. mmh I don't think she would kill me. More like, try to let me redeem myself through friendship or straight up turn me to stone. Either way, she has the power to find me and be judge and jury of my demise
  6. Partly overcast with a light breeze. Nice and cold. Feels like Winter is finally here. I live in California.
  7. OMG I love all the fan art of sunset. I think she has turned into a pretty interesting character. I feel like I can relate to her. Especially in Sunset's Backstage Pass. I could completly understand her frustration and the resolve was decent. The backgrounds, color, and movement were great and I loved seeing the Sirens again.
  8. A friend just made hot apple cider with butter beer and rum as well as some spice. It was absolutly delicious! Though definitly not for the kids lol
  9. I do like them, but my favorite are the big, soft right out of the oven kind that you can dip in nacho cheese,
  10. I submitted my art! I hope you guys like it
  11. MapleMoon


    The Element of Unity. The Sirens reformed. They now sing to people to soothe and unite ponies souls for a better tomorrow.
  12. I relate to Fluttershy more myself as well. I mostly only get chatty when animals or video games are the topic of conversation. Other than that, I'm pretty quiet. My mom would check on my a lot to make sure I was ok with how quiet I was growing up Luigi's mansion looks super cute from what I have seen. I think I would spend way too many hours on it trying to collect everything so I know I would get my money's worth if I bought it. I've never heard of AI: The Somnium Files. It looks really interesting though. Awesome. I hope you have fun with the events
  13. Currently playing Final Fantasy 14. Doing dat crafting and gathering lol I'm gonna save up and get that game! How is it so far?