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  1. I mean, Season 10 is coming in Comic Book form, so we're about to find out what happened =P
  2. I'm more pissed off at them also trying to say dinosaurs that were rather fast, large, etc Aren't, like them trying to say the T-rex couldn't sprint like in the movies, but instead just kinda slowly power walked. If anyone, I'm annoyed more at the believers of the "feather dino" theories, criticizing you and throwing around names / slurs because you dare defy science or some shiz.
  3. Probably my Sunset Shimmer plush that I picked up at Ciderfest 2019 for like...$350
  4. Gurl, you best be puttin' them cupcakes where they belong now, we don't wanna summon a god damned motor boat again!
  5. fare67t

    Hello fam

    Welcome to the herd / forums @CatCat! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~
  6. fare67t

    Hello, Fluori Here.

    Welcome to the forums @Fluori! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~
  7. fare67t

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums @Astral Unity! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~ Also, its kinda interesting see people join the fandom / herd through getting tired of all the negativity...never heard of that before x3
  8. fare67t

    Jioning the herd

    Oh jesus, more people that enjoy Creepypasta stories, greeeeeeat Naw jk, you're free to like whatever you want...just know that I dislike that kind of stuff ^^ Anyway, welcome to the forums @Lunatic_Moonwalker! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~
  9. Welcome to the forums @NathenThePony! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~ (also, always so weird to me seeing people care more about the fandom then the show / people that haven't seen all the episodes x3)
  10. fare67t


    Welcome to the forums @CommanderBrony! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~
  11. 5 years ago, I was still in community college and hanging out with an online friend that I still talk to today. Wish I could have still been in the fandom back then, but meh
  12. Have fun making those pies you guys! x3
  13. Ah yes, that ever so classical feeling of someone that joined later then you having 2x the amount of posts, and almost 5x as much likes x3

    1. Oblivion


      Hey, some people that joined way after me have like 3 times as many likes

    2. fare67t


      It's just kinda funny is all~

  14. fare67t


    Welcome to the forums @Sugarpunch! Hope you enjoy your time here, and happy New Years~
  15. White Dickies socks, dunno what type, but they are longish.
  16. I think that's just a lot of families these days: when you get to be an adult, you get less fun things like games and what not, and more like...car supplies, shirts for interviews, etc.
  17. Yeeeeeeep, typical spoiled brat character.
  18. I used to make giant wads / balls of paper and use it that way when I was younger, now I fold it as it seems to actually do the job better.
  19. Seeing family can be a wonderful thing, connecting with people / friends that you haven't seen in ages! ...buuuuuuuut It gets rather annoying / boring when everyone in said family is one of those "lets just sit down and talk for hours" people, and they get mad at you for getting up to actually go do something. I enjoy seeing family every so often / once in a blue moon...but I aint about to sit down in one spot for hours talking, sorry x3
  20. Depends on the context. Like the first first person that replied said: there's not much to be said in response to someone giving you a statement like "i'll meet you later". Or if someone is like "ok, so ill meet you at three", what would you reply with hmmm? Would you repeat back what they said to you or something? It's not a lack of energy or commitment, its not really knowing WTF else to say other then just acknowledge they texted you. Would you rather they say nothing at all in response? Sorry if that seems rather aggressive, but its true; typing entire sentence responses to someo
  21. Dunno if I've already posted on this thread or not, but of course. I have this one online friends that NEVER fulfills his promises, and never acts like a true friend. Make plans to meet up on a game at 8pm? Comes online at midnight saying "OOPS, WENT TO WALMART / NAPPED", showing he doesn't care about anyone's time other then his own Bring up a more serious topic such as schooling / jobs and/or parents? He always sides with whatever the problem is and acts as if you're being stupid / way younger then you really are Go into creative mode on a Minecraft Realms server that YOU
  22. Yeah that's my opinion on it: I prefer the 4 issue volumes over the omnibuses as they are larger print, and the binding / thickness of the collection doesn't prevent you from seeing corner-of-the-panel details like the Omnibuses do.
  23. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE buggo day! <3
  24. See now, here's the thing... I usually don't unless pestered by them about it, or in a situation in which not giving them a dollar or such would cause the situation to escalate. I live in an area that's a sort of..."in-between" neighborhood. The town itself is fine (during the day), but we live like...30 minutes away from Baltimore, and you know how bad it gets there. Honestly also depends on if I can gauge if they really are homeless or not, or what they became homeless for. Most of time around where I live, its people faking it or being homeless because they spent all their mo
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