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  1. You think you're boring? I'm the one eating only Cheese pizza 99% of the time I get it x3 Used to love going to a local bar to get their basically Buffalo Chicken pizza, but I cant eat spicy food at night anymore (sadly)
  2. Uh...yeah, that sounds like a problem alright And does all the time now count for "A time"? Something recently changed to the point of which just hearing people say the words "my partner" makes me depressed and lonely.
  3. Whats next, you gonna tell me you eat Kit-kats from the side / both of them at the same time, hmmmmmmmmmm? x3
  4. It honestly depends on what kind of Pizza, who made it, and what goes into making the dough that determines whether or not I eat the crust. Bland crusts from places like Dominos / Papa Johns, I usually don't eat it But good stuff like Pizza Hut or The Mellow Mushroom, I do~
  5. People telling you to do / not do something, then turning around and not-doing / doing exactly that. Example: "don't talk with food in your mouth, its not polite!", proceeds to start smacking their lips and talk with food in their mouth Actually, make that pretty much anything to do with other people eating. I don't like seeing them put it in their mouth, don't wanna hear them chew, etc The old-fashioned "motivation" method that some parents and/or people have of "your child isn't doing what they want you to do? threaten them with a deadline / take their stuff away!" Even if its a legitimate punishment if they're doing something bad, holding the threat over their head like that almost never makes them do what you want. Simple jobs such as pushing carts at Walmart requiring years of experience to be accepted. Yes, I know you can just apply even if you don't have that, but considering how much me and a friend get turned down, it makes me wonder if they actually DO want that. The general attitude of "Oh you're an adult now, you're not allowed to have fun or enjoy childish things anymore". I guess that doesn't really work as well as they think though, I mean, take a look at all the 30+ year olds in the brony fandom x3 but still, hate that "Grow the F up" mindset.
  6. To be honest, the thought of becoming attracted to / falling for whats basically a bunch of pixels on a screen sounds rather dumb in theory ...but I can totally see why it happens, some ponies are damn cute If I do say so myself While IDK if there's any characters I'd consider myself "attracted to", I'll say that my favorite character for the longest time was Queen Chrysalis, still is kinda However, I can actually very much so relate to Sunset Shimmer, at least on the "kinda sorta dwelling on bad things she's done in the past" level, and I could totally see myself with her if she were actually a real person.
  7. Pretty sure I have at some point, yes...or was it kayaking Never have I ever kissed someone in real life (besides family members as a kid...no not like that)
  8. Considering I got super duper sick with the Norovirus or whatever back in 2017, and that turned me into a little bit of a germaphobe, ofc I wash my hands after using the bathroom Hell, I wash my hands after touching my damn wallet, even if its been sitting in the open air of my room for like...a month x3
  9. pfffft, I had just gotten off of the plane, and my slight germaphobe nature prevented me from trying to brush the hair out of my face in the airport bathroom, so I just said fuck it and took a picture x3
  10. While the pic isn't really outdated per say, I wish I didn't really look like this due to me taking some issues more seriously now ...but anyway, heres a pic of me right after I got off of an airplane to Ciderfest this year / on the 31st x3
  11. What I meant is that some of the pony-shaped figures and toys weren't the best looking, but yes~
  12. I'll fully agree that they could have made Sci-twi a separate entity from PonyTwi, but I guess Hasbro thought keeping her a parallel to the pony one was a good way of making the intended audience not be confused or something. Or if nothing else, have a human doll for fans of pony-twi to play with, as honestly...some of the official merch for pony things...kind of lacking x3
  13. Yes but I highly doubt they're going to add in like...combat or such, they get enough money and traffic just from people sitting around doing social things, so it's likely to stay a more social experience then an actual game.
  14. Problem with Pony Town is that it's less of a "game", and more of a "virtual chat program" kinda. Basically all you can really do is wander around, talk to people, pick up objects, and re-decorate a house; there's no real "game" behind it.