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  1. That is true, And damn, 20 hour reign. That's an academy record (I think)!
  2. Granted, but when someone teleports, everyone else telports to the same location I wish the derpibooru api would work right now (it's yelling at me saying i can't use it right now ._.)
  3. Yep! We've got a online con every week this month!
  4. anyways, i just finished setting up some sort of custom twitch chat for when I watch MidairPonyFair later today
  5. Yeah, It does depend on timezone
  6. i... guess...? I mean, technically nobody posted for a year...
  7. Yep, I wonder what the longest time between replies was...
  8. Eh, I know the inactive times now, I can extend that time
  9. If you want a countdown for the cons listed, I have a website counting down to the cons. Also, at the time of posting, Midair Ponycon is 0 Days, 8 Hours, 5 Minutes, and 47 Seconds away. The website to the countdown is
  10. Yep, yet we still continue posting lol
  11. That would be close to impossible, as most people have notifications of replies enabled.
  12. That is true, It's fully impossible to win forever, but if you can work out the inactive hours for the fourm, you can win for at most 3 hours.
  13. This game is by defintion impossible, as someone will always reply. The only win case would be if someone got a staff member to lock the thread after they posted, which is unlikely.