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  1. There are so many hilarious moments in the series, but here are a few.
  2. I would probably be a pegasus because I would like to fly without learning complex magic and walk on clouds. I will admit that being changeling would be pretty cool though.
  3. Thanks everyone for such a friendly welcome!
  4. That was hard to vote on, but Best Pony for me is probably Fluttershy because I really relate to her so much and I grew with her as the show progressed. My favorite background pony is probably Lyra because of 'Anthropology' or Octavia, but I also really like Pipsqueak. My favorite member of the Student Six is probably Smolder because I like her character development and her girly side, but I also really like Yona and Ocellus. My favorite CMC is either Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle, it's way too difficult to decide.
  5. There are go many good songs in MLP, but I'll have to pick Apples to the Core as my personal favorite. The song is catchy and fun and really represents all of the characters featured. The visuals are entertaining and creative and Granny Smith gets to sing! I also just really love AJ's voice. Honorable mentions include Find the Music in You, The Smile Song, Babs Seed, On My Own, B.B.B.F.F., Bats, Hearts as Strong as Horses, Rules of Rarity, Pinkie's Lament, Make this Castle a Home, I'll Fly, We'll Make Our Mark, Say Goodbye to the Holiday, Flawless, A Kirin Tale, Better Way to Be Bad, and The Magic of Friendship Grows.
  6. I saw a theory somewhere that she would grow to rule the Crystal Empire with Princess Cadence when she grew up based on her window in The Last Problem, but nothing can be confirmed at this point. I really hope that the comics touch on Flurry Heart in the future, I would really like to see more of her and the Crystal Empire in general. The writers probably just didn't have the time to do much with her after introducing her, mainly because they were too busy finishing up other plotlines.
  7. I would say that I'm very introverted because I get tired around large groups of people and don't like talking to strangers or small talk. However, I can be quite talkative around my friends and family.
  8. There are so many good episodes in this show but I'll have to say that my all-time favorite episode of the series is Hurricane Fluttershy for lots of personal reasons. Fluttershy was always my favorite member of the Mane 6 because I related to her so much, but Hurricane Fluttershy really cemented her position as Best Pony for me. The story was done so well and it offered a backstory on why Fluttershy was so shy. I really love episodes that focues on characterization. It was paced well, had good humor and showed the softer side of Rainbow Dash, which I always love seeing on the show. However, it was the moral that stuck with me. Seeing Fluttershy facing her fear without completely achieving the goal of beating the record but still helping get the water to Cloudsdale was realistic and beautiful to see. This was probably the most relatable episode of the show to me. Honorable mentions include Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Return of Harmony, Filli Vanilli, Tanks for the Memories, It's About Time, Applebuck Season, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Show Stoppers, Sisterhooves Social, Hearth's Warming Eve, Flight to the Finish, Pinkie Pride, The Cutie Map, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Rarity Investigates!, A Hearth's Warming Tail, The Saddle Row Review, Where the Apple Lies, A Royal Problem, Discordant Harmony, The Perfect Pear, Fame and Misfortune, A Health of Information, Sounds of Silence, Twilight's Kingdom, Frenemies and the Last Problem.
  9. Hi everypony! When I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I was actually in the target audience; 5-9 year old girls. I just found it on Netflix one day when I was in 1st grade in 2010 and I became instantly hooked. It quickly became my favorite show and still in some ways is. I found myself in all of the characters, mainly Fluttershy because I'm also softspoken and love nature. The songs, the development and the lessons became an escape from the real world for me. After finding it on Netflix I just never stopped watching it through the years. I started hiding my love for the show in 4th grade and only accidentally told a few close friends about my love for the show (some of whom became fans themselves). I expected to grow out of the show eventually, but I soon discovered that MLP:FiM would not be something that I could grow out of. The show has helped me through many tough times. My life changed so much over the years but My Little Pony was always there for me. I was very socially awkward when I was young (I still am) and wouldn't look people in the eye, but I've gradually grown in confidence after seeing Fluttershy struggle with the same things I was struggling with. After the show ended in October, I figured I would start exploring the fandom because I was too young to join during it's prime. I started exploring theories, music and animation and I've grown to enjoy the fandom, even if I'm a little late. Thanks everypony!
  10. Hi there. I don't know if you can read this. Welcome to the forum! :)

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