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  1. Chloe is absolute garbage. Everything about her is just downright awful. She forces Timmy to share faires with her even though her stupid ass has it good. She thinks sharing everything is a good idea only for dimsdale to suffer and her design is just pure trash. Whoever came up with this character is an idiot. She will forever be loathed as the pathetic wretched Mary sue shit she is.
  2. Well either way, she is a hideous mistake to being with. She makes all blonde character look bad and her voice is just horrible to me. If I had the power, I would literally wipe her from existence
  3. Everyone says that Chloe is a Mary Sue and who can blame them? I hate Chloe a lot. In fact, I hated The Fairly Odd Parents even before that pathetic excuse of a character or Mary Sue showed up. I hated Cosmo and Timmy but it was mostly Cosmo because the things he does, his design, and his voice is just I don't even know how to put it. He's just downright awful. Now when the show first aired. He was alright voice wise but it started going downhill every season. My issue with Timmy is his voice especially when he screams for give me for saying this but he sounds like a pussy when he screams
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