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  1. any MH tri players up for a few hunts?

  2. Does Celestia ever directly refer to the element of magic as "element of friendship"?

  3. Any MH tri players out there?

    1. StormzInvader


      Awesome, we can play. However, not until 4 weeks from now. I'm away from my house for a month. :P

    2. Starstream


      Aaiye, the servers are going down tomorrow.

    3. StormzInvader


      XD Oh well, never mind. :P

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  4. Oh my Celestia! What did they do!? I find the Japanese version really offputting. The musical aptitude is certainly there, but where's the rhyme, where's the rhythm? They're squeezing in a lot of syllables in places where they just don't fit. The translation lacks something in that special way that makes me fear for the rest of the songs. Come on Japan, you can do better than this. <---(self proclaimed otaku)
  5. I'm sorry, but I have to ask... Are you actively avoiding talking to me?

    1. zDashiez


      Um, no? You just havent been online to talk to.

  6. Most prominently Game maker, that's what you're using for this project, right? As for my art, I'll try to pm you art on a few of the characters that are listed above.
  7. Okay, let me put out properly this time. I do some programming in my spare time and I'm practicing (and I'm stressing "practicing") pixel animation. My OC is Starstream Heartlocke. His colouring is brown coat, black mane, green eyes. (You know what he looks like~ ) He is a weather pony, specifically a winter weather pony. His gimmick being rain, snow, and ice. His fighting style revolves around utilizing different types of clouds to pull out different types of attacks. His finisher would be whipping up a full storm. All attacks could be around mid speed with mid damage and a long cooldown. Opening: A military salute while saying, "Hai-hai there~. Are you sure you're ready for this?" Victory: Jump on a cloud and lie down on it and hand/hoofwave. "Don't worry, not many can handle this chill." Losing phrase: "I... can't... lose... ." His idle animation is akin to that of a martial artist on a sugar rush if you can imagine that for a moment.
  8. All should be explained in the video. Video description: If you're interested you can send me a private message on this Youtube channel. Alternatively, if you have an account on you can send me a private message here, or you can respond in the following forum topic. If you desire to skip the middle man and want to ask Lunar Red himself you can message him here: At this current point in time these are the only contact addresses I can give out, so if you do not have an account to the MLPforums you will have to send the messages to me. The links to the creators of the artwork are in the youtube description as I did not want to break any forum rules by posting them here. When you get a chance please check out their stuff.
  9. Other than the battle stance, what else can I provide you with at the moment for my character? A move description? A theme for his... well, character theme? Anything else?
  10. Name: Starstream Heartlocke (generally just Starstream) Opening Phrase: Hai-hai~. Are you sure you're ready for this? Winning Phrase: Don't worry, not many can handle this chill. Losing Phrase: Nooo! I... can't... lose... . Fighting Stance: I'll send a pic ASAP.
  11. Hai-hai AnY, you probably don't remember me but I'm one of those people who occasionally bothers you with random questions on Youtube. How's it going?

    1. TheAnYPony


      (checking Youtube Profile) I see ^^

      Yeah, remember you - btw: wanted to reply to your PM anyways :D

      The link haven't shown me the comic sadly - that page probably changes rather frequently... :(


    2. Starstream


      What an odd design choice for an image browsing website. Nevertheless, here's the image.


  12. Oh, just curious. I certainly am not interested in usurping the throne and turning the land's entire population to my servants so they will have to serve me at my every whim. Where in the world would you get that ridiculous idea? No-no, I'm just... doing research for a school project of course. Surely you've gotten a similar assignment when you were a little colt, right?
  13. Hypothetically, how should I go about becoming an evil mastermind like yourself? Hypothetically of course!
  14. I'm surprised only one person so far has mentioned SomecallmeJohnny, of course mentioning him goes along with his other two group channels, Brainscratchcomms and SGBlikestoplay. Besides them I'd say Micthemicrophone is fun to listen too, Teamfourstar makes some funny stuff... and that's about all I'd really say I enjoy more than others, for the rest I just watch whatever crosses my path.
  15. How old is Granny Smith?

    1. Leafeon
    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations



      You can deduct this from the position of her cutie mark combined with the estimated life span of Ponies.

    3. Starstream


      Ah! Such delicious, hard, undeniable science.

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  16. I actually had this discussion with my friends when the episode was released. At first they were like "what the buck is Kansai-ben", then when I explained it they were like "That's amazing! Why is this not in there?" (Mind you that I'm still not 100% sure if I was right about that.). Also, I detect a great amount of "wakuwaku" from Pinkie Pie. Perhaps her Japanese catchphrase? One thing I want to do once I get the chance is go back and compare the background scores to the original, because I believe a few of them were remasterings and I could swear the music that plays at Twilight's welcome party is completely different, but maybe that's just my fuddled memory... .
  17. Just going from what my little experience can tell I'd say that neither of them speaks Kansai-ben... which I find strange. But AJ is definitely speaking with some kind of accent so either I'm wrong or she's trying to pull off a western accent.
  18. @ I'd say adopt their current powers to the human counterparts. Earth ponies are at their physical peaks and are the best cooks (or general workers). - Pinkie specifically has minor reality bending slapstick actions. - Appplejack could have abnormally strong legs. Pegasi can have either a flight ability or actual wings. - Rainbow Dash I believe is self explanatory. - Fluttershy could pull a Bubbles (Powerpuff girls) and gain the ability to talk to animals. (Perhaps even ponies? ) Unicorns can be your basic mages, the levitation spell wouldn't be as necessary. Considering that humans have hands with which they could hold stuff that specific ability might be best dummied out. Each mage could be gifted in a single specific school of magic. - Twilight would have the potential to learn from all schools. - Rarity could have a gift for aesthetic focused spells (maybe Trixie could fall in the same school). Spike... ? Well you got me there, I have no idea for him... .
  19. So what are everyone's thoughts on "Tomoudachi wa mahou"?

  20. @ That sounds like a very bad idea. Throwing off your regular sleeping schedule by 3 hours is not something I'd want to advice you to do. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.
  21. @ Suppose I could get my stuff ready for recording about an hour earlier (11:00 pm for you), would that be a feasible time? Do you maybe have somewhere you have to be the next morning, or do you generally just don't want to stay up that late? I can understand in either case.
  22. @ Interesting... what's your timezone? I might be able to get my stuff done a little earlier if that would help any, because my ability to record after 10:00 pm depends fully on whether or not my family is awake and blasting on the background.
  23. @ I use various programmes depending on what I'm recording. - FRAPS - XSplit broadcaster - Camtasia recorder - *Some other recorder of which I do not know the name off the top of my head. - Audacity (audio only) On another note, I have been granted certain partner privileges by Youtube on my main account. Not sure if I'll actually use that for anything though... . I was planning on recording commentary to a Pokemon LP I have recorded and edited and I was wondering if any of you guys would be up for joining me. I plan on recording somewhere between 2:00 pm GMT and 5:00 pm GMT. (10:00 am CST and noon CST) Alternatively there's a very small chance that I might be able to reschedule to somewhere after 10:00 pm GMT. (5:00 pm CST)
  24. Hai-hai, I was busy writing earlier when a sudden question hit me, when does adding extra fan concepts to a story go too far? And for the sake of staying on the same page, let's define "too far" as "the point at which it would become impossible to imagine a particular situation in the canon show". I.e.: If I were to write a story about the apocalypse of Equestria, would I be going too far if I made Fluttershy or Rarity the intentional, conscious cause of said apocalypse? Would I be going too far if I wrote a story in which Rainbow Dash and Applejack are having constant catfights because Dash has fallen in love with Big McIntosh and AJ wants none of that tomfoolery? Suppose the answer in both those cases is yes then how about a little more tame idea? How about a situation in which a new pony comes to town and meets Pinkie Pie, she proceeds to introduce him/her to the other members of the mane-six and they all but instantly become friends? Many people would loathe the idea, but in the context described before is it truly going too far? Where lies the line? Where do you draw the line? What is the breaking point where you can objectively say "this does not belong anywhere near the imaginable MLP canon!"?