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  1. This has me more worked up then the last round up! Time travel? This will lend it's self to like a season 3 ep where we see twilight go back in time, to season two. Think about it! and I can see it now, dr. hooves brings twilight the message in a blue cardbord box. so no legal problems but we would still, know he fits in there <.< >.>
  2. I'm I have a nice even schedule. 25% Working 25% Personal hygiene (Eating, Showering, Sleeping) 50% Ponies! Anything that eats into caring for yourself or your ability to be a productive member of society. I believe is going too far. But thats just me. (also) I might be truly obsessed with the show because I harldy ever stop talking about it. and relate every aspect of my life to ponies. BUT I don't live in my mothers house at all! So not 100% Crazy, Work comes first.
  3. I'm afrade I have to agree with flim and flam. Thay should have been competers and sold High volume low qualty cider cheap. and the apple's could sell high qualty low volume cider. flim and flam for the poor and the apples for the well to do.
  4. Well derp, Black and white tv set everything is gray. But AH! todays epsode. spolier: Powered automobiles! and complex machines! my word!
  5. I have to agree with kyronea. about 1920, and mabey the trains boiler was down? IDK. But when did thay have colour photos? I've only seen b/w photos in the show.
  6. Wow my speed is horable. Umm, I should get verizon Fios. What's this all about anyway?
  7. HELLO Again, Sorry my internet was down, Glad thats overwith. Any how! the two new episodes just blew holes in everything! not the least of witch being that ponyville has no bulding codes. * The railroad crossing had electric lights. * Thay have steam power. * indoor plumbing and sewage disposal. * And early belt and pully systems.
  8. You better believe it, Who would have thought My little pony would be the reason I finely broke down and bought a HIGH DEF colour Tv? If you told me 8 months ago I would have said your crazy.
  9. I was watching the new ep. of my little pony, on my goldstar Black and white TV and couldn't help thinking something was missing. It was colour, Colour was missing. Note: Sorry This is the fist time I've done this sorta thing. So it looks horrible.
  10. Hay! > How come you stole my poll? Thats not very nice.
  11. First things first, LOL. second I've sence replaced the needle drive belt with a slick lose one so It wont pirce my fingers, Just the cloth. But it sometimes doesn't make it thru the cloth so I'll have to dial it in better. Again lol, But I meant does anybody know of any book in particular? Yes! do you have any experience? if not we can learn together. Noob tip. wear a thimble. and try to keep your hands out of the "stabbing needle of pain"
  12. I don't know if there is a place for this sorta thing buuut. I found a very interesting error? mabey? or proof that Trixie is a quadruplet! think about the arguments, oh the horror!
  13. Oh dear. Clones, time travel communist dictation? what happend to this lovely show about pastel coloured pony's going on magical adventures??
  14. Hello my fellow bronys and pegasisters and you too parasprite, Yes I can see you back there. I've just got a sewing kit and machine. and have cut my fingers up really badly trying to make plushies. Are there any good books on the topic. Tips videos on the net? Anything would help. I'm losing a lot of blood here. Thanks!
  15. Yes but backless seating can be used by the bipeds as well. But what ever happened to the diamond dogs?Never mind that's for another thread.
  16. Oh yea lyra. I had forgotten. LOL bipedal seating.
  17. Why are there benches with back rests in ponyville? Don't they just kinda sit on there hunches? There's no need for lumbar support... right?
  18. Do y'all sleep with the TV or radio on? cause that causes me not to dream. maybe it's true for others... Also dang that's a hard core dream.
  19. I too have a cat. I adopted it from a farm. It's a mix and black. I wonder if a pet poll would be a good idea? Humm.
  20. Oh no, not granny smith. I sure hope she doesn't go all stereotypical old person on us. not to mention her voice is slightly annoying.
  21. Isn't she afraid of heights? Season one Ep 25. Spike: Oh? Okay. Let’s see, there’s Twilight Sparkle. She’s a unicorn. Good with magic. A real brainiac. And then you got Rarity. Total knock-out! Twi seems to think I don’t even have a chance with her, but eh… what does she know? Let’s see. There’s… there’s Fluttershy, a Pegasus who’s afraid of heights. Hmph! What’s up with that?
  22. Was anypony bothered by Hayseed turnip-truck? He sure was, Umm.. interesting? yea that's the word. interesting.
  23. Mine would be A cash register, Because I'm a cashier and I've got no desire to do anything else.
  24. Tell her the truth! besides even if you do get set to a psychiatrist you could always talk about anything else that is/was bothering you.the truth will set you free!