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  1. I don't have a great personal motto, and it's not really from anywhere. "Have a plan" Because even though Murphy's law pretty much says "F*ck you", it's still good to try and f*ck him back :3
  2. Episode 3 thoughts: Rarity wasn't as big of a unlikable diva this episode! :D

  3. Welp. Last night was interesting...

  4. Don't drink unless you want to wake up to 20 notification on every site that exemplify your stupidity

  5. PSA: Never have friends with benefits. It's just terrible if you start falling in love with them.

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    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      FWB's never really end well, anypony need a hug?

    3. Lord Bababa

      Lord Bababa

      I don't need a hug... I need someone to pour bleach into my skull

    4. Fix


      I could use a e-hug :\ Thanks for the laughs though.

  6. Fireball is some fire though.

  7. How's everyone doing tonight?

  8. Hello all! I made an album of experimental electronic songs, a collection of first two tracks from June up until now, and I think that I'm more happy than I will ever be with the contents of the album. Feel free to listen to it in-browser, and if you want to download (only 200 codes). And if you want to throw money at a derpy teenager on music crack, go right ahead, I won't stop you Thanks guys. -Fix
  9. Currently listening to: KillTheNoise - Roots (Brillz Remix)

  10. Anyone want to suggest some websites and forums that are good for learning up on streetbikes?

  11. It's strange, I only realized how much has changed. The great thing about high school is that if you're a quiet person for the first two years, and open up towards the end, you really just get great people talking with you. I used to be one of those weird kids who would be all crazy and stupid all the time, and just horribly awkward. Now, people just get that I don't give two f*cks what people think. Moral of the story, wear a hoodie and listen to music. Rock n' Roll. -Fix
  12. Fix

    Is it true?

    Communist propaganja. Donut watch. Trust ur governmentals. -Fix