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  1. This place is very active. O_O

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    2. Mizore Shirayuki

      Mizore Shirayuki

      They do, but...I don't know. It's like a new place now.

    3. LoKé kRude

      LoKé kRude

      What's changed? I've only been here for about a week.

    4. Mizore Shirayuki

      Mizore Shirayuki

      Well, it has way more members. New features and ranks are in, and it's more animated and detailed. I've been so inactive to notice. D:

  2. I've been hunting for someone who would do signature request, I've been kinda turned down due to them being busy or just don't want to. Does anyone take request? I would deeply appreciate that.

  3. Wow, I've been extremely inactive.

  4. Well, it's not the worst ever, but you did get the outline of the body right. Past the squigly lines of horror D: , it's still a good one. Not to be rude.
  5. For many don't know me, and i am not new to the site, i've been here for a long time and i had gone inactive for a while (mostly due to chat being gone and everything) but to say, it's been good. Yeah, since last time i had gotten a girlfriend for the first time, and she's a pegasister. So, she had showed me her OC and i had decided to make her an art request from me to her, so here is what i end up drawing. Dark Equinox - http://i.imgur.com/rdNPl.jpg Colored ver. - http://i.imgur.com/BJlfa.jpg Another Dark Equinox drawing.- http://i.imgur.com/WMRa7.jpg. By the
  6. Spike+Rarity= SparityTwilight+Trixie= Twixie Trixie+Luna= Tuna Shipping math
  7. Trixie best pony for her beauty, magic, and Trixiesm. No further argument required. I state the obvious. I declare this meeting a success
  8. I have been chose to go in as the part of Romeo at school because the teacher said i fit really good as the part of Romeo, awesome.

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    2. Mizore Shirayuki
    3. Böser


      Hey, Romeo...you need to get on Skype.

    4. Mizore Shirayuki

      Mizore Shirayuki

      Well then my friend, send a request of when you are available to speak and i'll try my best to be there.

  9. This is the original Elder Scrolls, i did what i did to show you how i roll. He is also the color blue to show you how we do, show that its true and then show you how we do. Don't blame me for my actions and for my skills, i came here right on time, just in for the kill. Manage waste my time, trying to make crazy rhymes on these crazy lines to show you how its done right, cause troll gonna hate, negate, and debate, but its not gonna matter cause it will be too late. So here is my oc, i hope you like it, all i do is put my hands in my pocket. yeah, they are not the best rhymes, but are
  10. there is something wrong with my profile picture, one moment its the one i have, then it changes to the one i used to have. Is there a bug or something, or did i put it on wrong?

  11. I wish mlp forums could let you change your profile picture mobile, also to let us make status updates, i know i can just click full version, but its not changing anything. And also i had a substitute teacher named Mr. Feldo. Whoa, he's followed me all the way here.
  12. Mizore Shirayuki

    Chat is Dead

    You know, usually i would be ok with what mods would say and agree, but chat is the place i make new friends. This is going to be hard for me to be ok, but im going to have to be ok with it because i have no other option. The people in control have made a decision, as a follower, we must do as asked.
  13. Its ok, its a thing in the past now
  14. We each have a right to fight for what we like, i argue for Trixie, you would do the same for ponies.
  15. Look, heres an exampleIf someone told you that my little pony was a no, would you stop or would you live on with your happiness?
  16. Why cant you leave her alone, just because she had a bad impression in that one episode makes her what she is, tolerate the past and love the new her.
  17. You cannot take her from me! She is all my love! Do whatever! Totally worth keeping Trixie!!!!
  18. So i heard you guys were going to have a anti-Trixie law here, you know what i think? I think you just can't love and tolerate her! Try to steal my happiness now! Come at me bro!
  19. i havent been on the forums for a while, what does a warning point mean?

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    2. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      oh yeah, there's an anti-Trixie policy in place. You get warned when you talk about Trixie. After 100 warning points, you have to apologize to the board and name Rarity as best pony.

    3. Electrobolt


      Don't mind the Doc... Warning Points can be considered like a strikes system, where if you get too many warning points, you're most likely about to get banned. Well, I think so anyways

    4. Mizore Shirayuki

      Mizore Shirayuki


  20. Private message or skype?
  21. Ill be the one asking questions, wherever we can talk and aske them in private
  22. answer numerous questions and results will come in an it will also compare you and other bronies.
  23. Hello, i dislike april fools and this threath will hve nothing humourous and only serves one purpose as usuall threath do. A survey of what a average brony would be like. Skype would be faster and easier to do. If you dont have a skype, PM will be used. I wont be on chat much so private chats will maybe not happen. The results will come in fast in minutes, your results, but the main thing will take a while. Your results will not be shared, that and your name too. If you wish to share your results, thats ok. Its your decision. Personal question will be asked, if you dont feel confortable with t
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