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  1. There is an obvious difference between disliking something and going over the top. In this case said person is going over the top. I would never leave a fandom just because of ONE video, fan art, etc. unless it had something to do with the ENTIRE fandom as a whole. I can understand someone not liking something, that's one thing, but ranting and raving and threatening the fandom is an entirely different scenario. It's just the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. What bothers me though is not the fact that said person has left or is leaving, it's the fact that he has to over react that much. I mean seriously, get a freaking grip.

  2. 5.5/10


    -5 sorry, but Derpy is just way too overrated.

    -0.5 I'm not a fan of the guard design

    *Flips table* *Smashes computer* *Yells unclean things while stomping out of the room*


    Jk tongue.png It's fine, some just don't like Derpy, I'm just going to -6 and be on my way :3




    (Now please excuse me while I sharpen my knives)

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  3. Oh yeah I also just recently started to learn to play guitar, i've been practicing and I can play like 3 chords well enough right now. C, D and G major. I can also somewhat play an A major chord, but it always ends up with one of the strings not ringing right, and I can't get it to work with 3 fingers on a fret, kinda frustrating :/.


    Also upstruming is annoying to, i'm still practicing switching between my chords and I've got G and D switching pretty decently. However switching to C is hard since its so stretched. but yeah i've been practicing on and off for about a month now.


    I also wanna get a keyboard and learn that. Because I just feel like Piano is a good instrument to learn and I kinda want to learn it anyways.


    Thats aside from me knowing trumpet right now btw.

    Yeah, I had some trouble with that too, and I'm still learning the single finger on multiple strings thing xD. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it :D
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  4. UPDATE: I just realized a few critical errors in the pictures, it's not that critical, actually, but it will my put my OCD in OVERDRIVE if I don't fix this. I'll post the newest one shortly. Thanks for the feedback :D


    Here is the edited version:




    Sorry, it just really got on my nerves, I have a problem with that. When something is not right I HAVE to fix it. Anyway...yeah... /)>.<(\

  5. Alright, I edited it, it looks a lot better now :)




    I'm going to be doing a Slender let's play soon, btw. I love the game so much :D


    I think the squiggly lines might be static? Like in the game? I could be wrong, but I do agree, they're a bit distracting. If it's static, I'd just have left it out altogether. Static seems like it'd be extremely hard to replicate with pencil. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't draw the bottom half. This might just be an artistic preference thing, though. As a more technical point, I believe Slender's hands tend to be bigger than that, and I think the arms are a bit longer as well. Though, without the rest of the legs, it's a bit difficult to tell.


    Other than that, great job img-1284335-1-smile.png

    About the legs thing, I meant it to be like he was in the background, like he was behind some kind of hill watching you. And yes, I too think the arms are a bit short, but that's not really something I'm worrying about as of right now. I'm still trying to perfect my OC, I have yet to finish it and I have some things popping up that would postpone the editing of Slender and the completion of my OC. Anyway...yeah...I'll have it fixed as soon as I can :D
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