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  1. Vodka and lemon, and some other stuff.
  2. Hardway Bet

    Visual Art Monster Designs

    Time for a new batch. Finished version of the ray drake from above. New version of that gnome from above. And the greatest monster of them all, a human. Some more unrelated Pokémon I found kicking around in my old files.
  3. Yeah, I really thought I'd be able to escape, this time! Well, thanks for that, and nice work to everyone else - I legit didn't think I was gonna win this one.
  4. I can't remember a single time where anyone might have cried.
  5. It's been a very, very long time since I saw this movie, but as a general rule, everything related to Batman TAS is excellent. And I must say I don't see why you'd compare TAS to the Dark Knight or Joker, even if you do think the last two are cinematic masterpieces - I don't really get the hype, myself - they're very different beasts.
  6. Yeah, I like to laugh and look down at people.
  7. Hardway Bet

    Visual Art Monster Designs

    I've been thinking of a place to put sketches and stuff. This place'll do. Here are some monsters I'm working on for my fantasy setting: The Ray Wyrm, an aquatic species of winged serpent. Hags. Powerful, sorcerous fey creatures that resemble twisted old crones. A variety of mortal races. Not to scale. Angels. Celestial servants of one of the setting's gods. Said to be the returning souls of dead mortals, still hungry for righteous glory. And on a completely unrelated note, this custom pokémon that I made (but never finished) for a competition.
  8. My parents explained the internet to me back in '95, when they took me to the library to use the computer there. We got a dial-up connection at home soon after, but I wasn't allowed on until shortly before we switched to DSL, in like 2004. Between '00 and '02, my wealthier friends started getting DSL lines, pirating games and talking about all the things they used the internet for - I got involved in some online games that we'd play in school, early social media started to become a thing, and things sort of snowballed from there. I was already a regular visitor at the library in those days, as
  9. I'm assuming there are multiple strains of flu-causing viruses. But man, I didn't know you could carry it even without symptoms.
  10. Ah, yes, this is it. A lifetime of singing in the shower has prepared me for this exact thread. Unfortunately, it's the middle of the night, so I can't record anything right now, but I do have this clip of when I was testing my mic the other week. God knows I've never backed down from making a fool of myself online. The volume is pretty low - I was still adjusting my mic at the time. https://voca.ro/cnlNYSNzD2X You're all fantastic, by the way. This thread is amazing.
  11. Yeah, but maybe this thread will encourage some gross people to start washing their hands.
  12. Yes, and I avoid touching door handles, flushing buttons and any part of the sink with my bare hands. I'm not a huge germaphobe, but public bathrooms are disgusting and vile places.
  13. Me, I'm a fatty fat fat, and I need to lose a lot of weight if I wanna live to see retirement.
  14. Oh boy, that's really far back. It might be the Fox and the Hound, ages ago.
  15. Well, technology aside, ponies seem to have all the advantages of horses - strength, stamina, etc - as well as human intelligence, and the ability to metabolize anything that either humans or horses can eat, such as hay, chocolate, etc. In addition, they're able to eat things that are poisonous to both horses and humans, such as daisies (granted, a human could probably eat one sandwich's worth of daisies and live), and then they have magic on top of that. Yes, I'm afraid ponies are the superior species, and we're going to have to bow to our technicolour overlords.
  16. Hardway Bet

    General Nickname for your city

    Well, I come from a little town called Järvsö, which sounds like modern Swedish for Wolverine's Island, but is actually a bastardization of the original name from the 1300's, which just meant 'Iärp's Island', Iärp being the name of some dude. The locals call it 'Jarse', which you'd pronounce something like Yash'eh, The nickname has no special meaning, it's just the local dialect.
  17. Improved the last batch a bit.
  18. I suspect Grogar was before the princesses' time.
  19. I would avoid it in the first place. But even now, if there were a season 10, I reckon you could get away with making the characters act more reasonably.
  20. Get rid of meme faces and unflanderize the characters, starting in season 2.
  21. I didn't care for her. Much like the rest of the movie, she was underdeveloped and unengaging. Maybe if they'd have spent less time on her stupid sidekick, she could have had time to become a worthwhile character.
  22. I couldn't stand to look at some of those busts, so I made new ones of characters the players are liable to encounter soon. Because of time constraints, they're only coloured sketches, but they'll look alright once they've been shrunken down to icon size.
  23. I'd love to help you with that, but I couldn't find an approximate of the font used in the comic, so I wrote it out by hand. From the looks of it, LordValtasar (now Trix or Treat) did the same thing (only better), and the font used for the Liveliness entry is definitely not the same as the one used in the comic.
  24. Well, I had always been an avid fan of cartoons in general, so when I heard about a My Little Pony cartoon that was actually good, I knew I had to check it out. I was never particularly overwhelmed by the show's quality, but at the time (2010 or whatever it was), it was one of the better shows in production. The 00's had very few good cartoons in my opinion, so when I saw Friendship is Magic, that seemed like a long-awaited glint of hope on the horizon. Flash Animation had always looked like garbage, aside from the works of a few indie animators (Bitey of Brackenwood, anyone?), and My Little P
  25. Hot water to dissolve the instant coffee, then some ice to make it immediately drinkable.
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