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  1. It got the money precisely because it appealed to non-Christians. It was an actual well-made, dramatic movie rather than just a preaching device. It didn't need to go out of its way to explain itself because the story of the crucifixion is already well known so whatever effort would normally go into that was spent on enhancing the experience itself. Yeah, that may have boiled down to wonton violence but how else are you supposed to convey the cruelty of it all? It's already been done a hundred different ways but the one time someone makes an effort at a no-holds-barred portayal of the death of
  2. There's more than enough movies that focus on Christian teachings. It doesn't hurt to have one that skews in a different direction. The brutality is exactly the point of the movie, to get the viewer to understand what kind of suffering Jesus had to go through, exaggerated or otherwise. It's one thing to be told the story but by showing it in such detail they make an attempt at getting the point to hit closer to home.
  3. Discordian

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Oh hey, I just bought this a couple weeks ago. Saw a few clips and now I have to see it. --- I just finished the new Baki series. I've never seen the original but the new one was amazing. It was so unapologetically brutal. I couldn't help but love how quickly most of the fights were decided.
  4. I only use one at a time on my computer but on my phone I have one for each page of the home screen. I sorted each page to have a purpose so I had an excuse to scroll through them.
  5. The game is pretty different now than when I first played it at release from what I've heard but I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I even got all the trophies in the base game. I'll have to replay it when they finally get the last of the DLC out. --- Meanwhile I finished Toy Story 2 on the PS1. The wait to play the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3 led me to replay it. I had never gotten 100% in it before so I made sure I did that this time. Didn't even unlock anything, it was just a thing to do.
  6. Discordian

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    I've yet to play the game but I read the manhwa it was originally based on. I've always been a little bitter that the creator basically abandoned it a mere ten volumes in to work on Ragnarok Online. He said he would go back to it someday but it's been far too long to hold out hope for that or even if he did if it would be even remotely the same. That said, one of these days I'll still try to check out the Ragnarok Online MMO and anime just to see how it turned out.
  7. I haven't played it yet but it looks like it rides the line between being super realistic and still keeping the game playable, but in a good way. It's part of why I'm interested in it.
  8. Zatch Bell was a pretty creative anime for what it was imo. It got bogged down by the usual shonen issues of being too long for its own good though. Zatch and Kyo were really cool together in spite of Zatch's...weirdness. Megumi and Tia (I think that was their names) didn't show up as much as I'd like though. They were a perfect match for Kyo and Zatch both combat-wise and romantically. Now that I think about it I never did finish the series. I guess I know what I'm watching soon.
  9. Two weeks until Kingdom Hearts 3. The anticipation might actually kill me. I've been counting the days for a couple weeks now. :laugh:

  10. I always enjoyed math. I've meant to try to relearn some things for the hell of it but I never quite get around to it.
  11. My mom is always on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I guess that's a very mom thing to do though.
  12. You absolutely have to have both. Almost never do either look good on their own. Either grow it all or none at all, there is no inbetween.
  13. Discordian

    Animation Disliked Anime and Why?

    Eiken purely because it was clear they didn't give two shits about the source material and seemed like they were just making it to make fun of the genre, or maybe anime in general. I'm not saying the manga isn't your standard harem fanfare but it's at least worth reading. I couldn't watch more than the first episode of Attack on Titan. It felt like it immediately threw away it's most interesting aspect, the titans themselves, so they could focus on people drama. I don't know why they thought the anime had to be more than small things killing big things. I liked the over
  14. @Denim&Venom Speaking of Pantera, Disarmonia Mundi's cover of Mouth For War is to die for.
  15. I hate sweet potatoes. That underlying sweetness that gives them their name makes me gag. I prefer the more robust taste of a regular potato, mashed or otherwise. Usually with some sort of butter.
  16. Whee. Power's out in the middle of town. Both at home and at work I can't do a whole lot. I'm just gonna have to sit here and read until morning if the power doesn't come back. Can't really cook or clean much without hot water and I can't open any refridgeration areas so things don't go bad.

  17. I sincerely doubt they can do much to outpace the existing consoles. Even if they made it more powerful it wouldn't likely be worth the price without exclusives. Consoles are already too close to being half-baked PCs and this sounds like it's pushing it further into "why not just get a PC" territory. There's also the matter of people's existing libraries. Between Steam's massive list of basically portable digital games and trophy/achievement lists people aren't going to want to start over on a console that'll probably be irrelevant in a few years. That's not even getting into multi
  18. It's not particularly unusual to like Unleashed. It was a very good evolution of Sonic's formula. Now be like me and prefer the PS2/Wii version of Unleashed. It actually doesn't feel nearly as sloppy as the PS3/360 version in a lot of ways. The daytime levels aren't going at ohshitwhy miles per hour and won't try to kill you every two minutes because you don't have god-like reflexes, and the Werehog levels are downright enjoyable instead of thirty minute slogs of bad combat.
  19. Single. I have no time and nothing to offer, nor am I looking to change that any time soon. I prefer the solitude anyway.
  20. Almost all of them. Most originals just feel lacking compared to the covers. Props to them for making the song in the first place but covers improve on it and make it fit far better.
  21. We tend to get more ice than snow. If it does snow it lasts a couple of days at most. Sometimes it's melted by afternoon but the roads and sidewalks are still covered in ice. I love cold weather but if there was one thing I hate it would be trying to walk through the snow and ice to get to, from, and while working.
  22. I got fifteen platinum trophies, mostly Playstation 4 but a few Playstation 3 games too. I started quite a few games this year intending to finish them but got bored with them or generally tired of playing them. I really wanted the plats for Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment but the last couple trophies were grinding hell. Same with Toukiden Kiwami.
  23. These days I've found that all I have to do is write a word or two down and I can recall everything I need to know about something. That's probably why I didn't need to actually study in school. Once I saw it on the test it just clicked on and I remembered things. The trade-off is that I won't remember anything if I don't see it in writing and can forget a conversation within minutes of it ever happening.
  24. Discordian

    Gaming Overlooked games of 2018

    From what I heard Valkyria Chronicles 4 had none of the impact of the first game and missions decided to pull a bunch of bullshitty tactics to keep the player down.
  25. Hopefully the forums pick up again now that the holidays are over. It was pretty dead for a couple weeks there.

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