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Status Updates posted by Discordian

  1. Two weeks until Kingdom Hearts 3. The anticipation might actually kill me. I've been counting the days for a couple weeks now. :laugh:

  2. Whee. Power's out in the middle of town. Both at home and at work I can't do a whole lot. I'm just gonna have to sit here and read until morning if the power doesn't come back. Can't really cook or clean much without hot water and I can't open any refridgeration areas so things don't go bad.

  3. Hopefully the forums pick up again now that the holidays are over. It was pretty dead for a couple weeks there.

  4. Row row row your boat gently down the stream, if you see your OTP don't forget to scream. ~Random commenter on Webtoons.

  5. The next few days are gonna be really slow at work. Perfect time to catch up on my reading though.

  6. Well there goes any productivity I might have had. I found Minesweeper on the Google Play Store. I used to play this for hours at a time.

  7. Once again I read through a comic's archives just in time for it to end in a couple updates. This has been pretty frequent lately. :P

  8. Awww yeah. Beat DmC's Dante Must Die mode. I'll have this Plat by the end of the weekend.

  9. Ha, I just noticed an animation error in the Ducktales episode "Merit-time Adventure". When they're eating right before the sea monster attacks Webby's eyes disappear for a frame. I rarely notice that sort of stuff so it's nice to catch it for myself instead of being told.

  10. Huh. Apparently they debunked the theory that the Final Fantasy series was named so because it was originally going to be Squaresoft's last game. It literally could have been any word that started with F to match the Fantasy bit. Final just sounded cool. :laugh:

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. SolarFlare13


      I'm sure I'll figure it out once I start playing it :)

    3. SolarFlare13


      There's also rumours that Sephiroth might be coming to Smash as DLC :o

    4. Discordian


      I wouldn't be surprised. He's as iconic as Cloud for the series.

  11. That moment when you get so caught up in a comic's world that when it finally ends and you have to read something else. Such a jarring transition. I wasn't ready for it to be over.

  12. Random pet peeve of the day: when you go to buy a music album and find out there's no MP3 version for sale or you're required to buy a CD to get it. I don't even have any devices that can play CDs anymore. Fuck you and your archaic media. :|

    1. PiratePony


      ...okay then. Just get a CD player.

    2. Discordian


      I have neither the need nor the space for it. I'm not buying a CD player for two or three albums. If they don't want their music accessible then they don't get my sale, simple as that.

  13. 31 degrees this morning. Coldest it's been in over a year. I wish it'd get like this all the time. Too much heat this year.

  14. What. Someone just tried to tell me that the Christmas song "It's Cold Outside" promotes date rape. LOLWHAT

    1. Snow
    2. Discordian


      That's pretty much exactly what my response was. People are craycray.

    3. PoisonClaw


      Not that I'm condoning this, because it's kinda stupid, but it was pointed out to me that one of the lyrics is, "What's in this drink?"

  15. Oh yeah, forgot I bought one of those "ugly" Christmas sweaters yesterday. I've wanted one for years. I like them. Guess what I'm wearing today? :D

  16. Holy shit. I just finished Big Hero 6. That was the best Disney movie to come out in the last ten years.

  17. Aaaaw yeah, crank up that Christmas music. 'Tis the season.

    1. Snow


      shopping centers at this very moment:

    2. Discordian


      Absolutely. I'm mostly a fan of the oldies when it comes to Christmas music but that song definitely did something right to be counted as an equal to them.

  18. Go home, people. It's been ridiculously busy at work today and I've only been here an hour. It's also midnight. Why are there so many people out. lol

    1. Prospekt


      Because Black Friday tends to bring out the irrational sides of customers :P


    2. Discordian


      Oh yeah, that's a thing. Oh well. I was hoping it would be slow today.

  19. Just finished getting the Spyro Reignited Trilogy Plats. Definitely a worthy remake.

  20. The worst thing about reading through a webcomic's archives is eventually you catch up and have to wait for updates to see more.

    1. Preatorian60


      Tell me about it, when I started reading Homestuck it was during one of the creators big breaks and I had to wait ages after catching up before he updated again ;-; The worst though is when you read one you really love and find out after you've started reading that it was abandoned.

    2. Discordian


      The abandoned ones are usually some of the best ones, too. It sucks. All that amazing must have burned them out! :P


      I guess in some cases it's also because they get legit work somewhere and abandon any free projects they had for the money. That's what happened with Zoophobia. The creator is gearing up to release her Patreon-supported animated cartoon Hazbin Hotel and it keeps her really busy.


      I've yet to read Homestuck. It seems dauntingly expansive and the original artstyle kinda puts me off. I am told it's improved later on though.

    3. Preatorian60


      Homestuck is hard to get into in my opinion because there are multiple 'acts' which are basically sections of story in it, and I found the first 3 of them just absolutely terrible and such a drag, theres an insane amount of dialogue that is mostly useless and nothing seems to make any sense, but after those acts the story really starts to pick up and everything about it just gets better and better. It took the creator a while to find his groove but when he found it, oh boy it was good!

  21. All my friends are offline for the night. Time to binge on webcomics.

  22. The full trophy list for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy was released and there's an interesting little detail. Spyro 3's platinum trophy is called "Party Like It's 2024". Either this is a reference that went over my head or maybe it's some sort of foreshadowing. Maybe a new game in the series? Or more remakes?

  23. Good ol' Sunday night. I don't pay much attention to the forums on my weekends so it's great to come back to so many new posts to read and respond to. During the week I'm lucky to find more than a couple at a time.

  24. Hey, just curious who that is in your avatar and profile. I've seen her on multiple occasions from many different sources but no one's been able to tell me who she is or what she's from yet.

    1. Passion


      Gray Wolf from Kemono Friends. I have not watched the actal show so I cannot say if it is good or bad or what it is about. But her design caught my eye.

    2. Discordian


      Excellent. Thank you. Until recently I thought I had just found some random art from nowhere. Good to have that put to rest.

  25. I'll probably never play League of Legends but I'll be damned if their music videos aren't amazing.



    1. Starlighty


      Ok seriously that whole video was very pretty and cool.., the color they use were perfect!