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  1. Thoughts on consensual incest relationships?

    Personally i'm all for them but i've got this weird fascination with them LOL, what do you pony's think?

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    2. Preatorian60




      "Sure, a child from a straight incestuous couple could have mutations and a f***ing lot of issues"

      It's funny I see people bring up that point a lot but when you think about it that's no different to somebody with any genetic disorder having kids, a lot of illnesses are passed down through genetics so if it's bad to have incest babies cause of the chance of birth defects then it should be bad for people with genetic illnesses to have kids too. Thats why I think they should be able to have kids if they want

    3. Partialgeek514


      I don't think incest needs to be fully illegal, but I don't approve of it either. It just feels wrong to me. :yuck:

    4. Bas


      Interestingly, there are laws against it in Germany. MORE interestingly, people assume it happens WAY more often than it does. Like...there were literately roughly 5 ppl put into jail...during three decades.

      It doesn't happen in nature because the nature found a way to make us not find others we grow up very, very close attractive in a sexual way.

      I think it only happened (basically) when siblings got parted and found each other later, maybe not knowing about their same heritage.

  2. Anybody know any good anime style games for Vita?

  3. Finally got another Vita, I adored my old Vita but someone stole it, so happy I got another one now!

  4. *rips off pants* my parents arent the only ones that are gonna be disappointed in me tonight
  5. Why are ponies and anime girls so perfect :mlp_toldya:


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    2. Anti-Villain
    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン


      yeah its the eyes

    4. Anti-Villain





      All she needs is some fitting music, and she'll have a beauty commercial:


  6. Im so disappointed lol, I've wanted a 3D TV for years ever since I went to my aunties and she had one and I adored it, I was a wee child with no job so I couldn't afford one, now that i've finally saved up the money literally no stores seem to be selling them? I can only find second hand ones ;-;

    1. PiratePony


      Because they were a quick and done with fad, same with those curved TVs. 

  7. Oh this guy above me hey? Well you ever heard of a little man named Adolf? Yeah well the guy above me, he uh..... got arrested for being too damn awesome ;) hehe tricked u
  8. I'm in such a good mood today, Is anybody on here watching through Naruto or has already seen Naruto? I'm currently on the Chunin Exams arc in Naruto Shippuden and I've got no friends that like Naruto so I'd love to discuss it with someone, especially if you're still watching/earlier in the series than I am so I can hear your theories and reactions :P

    1. Snow


      Top notch show that is :P

    2. Preatorian60


      Heck yeah it is! It's been on for so long that its basically a part of my life at this point

  9. How do i angry react >:( I am the only boyfriend to the purple horse
  10. Rainbow Dash and the Legend of the Rainbow Rash that loved Johnny Cash and wore a Pink Sash...of friendship
  11. If we're talkin' pretty anime boys we can't leave out the prettiest boy alive; Haku from Naruto
  12. I absolutely love Capricosa with olives and no anchovies