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  1. Anybody know any good anime style games for Vita?

    1. Megas


      Persona 4 Golden

  2. Finally got another Vita, I adored my old Vita but someone stole it, so happy I got another one now!

  3. *rips off pants* my parents arent the only ones that are gonna be disappointed in me tonight
  4. I love you all <3

  5. Im so disappointed lol, I've wanted a 3D TV for years ever since I went to my aunties and she had one and I adored it, I was a wee child with no job so I couldn't afford one, now that i've finally saved up the money literally no stores seem to be selling them? I can only find second hand ones ;-;

    1. PiratePony


      Because they were a quick and done with fad, same with those curved TVs. 

  6. Oh this guy above me hey? Well you ever heard of a little man named Adolf? Yeah well the guy above me, he uh..... got arrested for being too damn awesome ;) hehe tricked u
  7. I'm in such a good mood today, Is anybody on here watching through Naruto or has already seen Naruto? I'm currently on the Chunin Exams arc in Naruto Shippuden and I've got no friends that like Naruto so I'd love to discuss it with someone, especially if you're still watching/earlier in the series than I am so I can hear your theories and reactions :P

    1. Snow


      Top notch show that is :P

    2. Preatorian60


      Heck yeah it is! It's been on for so long that its basically a part of my life at this point

  8. How do i angry react >:( I am the only boyfriend to the purple horse
  9. Rainbow Dash and the Legend of the Rainbow Rash that loved Johnny Cash and wore a Pink Sash...of friendship
  10. If we're talkin' pretty anime boys we can't leave out the prettiest boy alive; Haku from Naruto
  11. I absolutely love Capricosa with olives and no anchovies
  12. Kinda sad over the whole Sony censorship thing going on right now, I only owned a playstation for the Japanese games and now that they're getting censored to all heck it hurts ;_; 

    1. Usager


      Why all that started anyways? 

      I guess they gonna be the same when people start pushing them

    2. Preatorian60


      @Usager apparantly Sony moved their head office to an American office and the American office must have been full of SJW's or something because they started putting into place a ton of censorship policies and outright banning Visual Novels from getting ported over, before this Sony was based in Japan and they had a ratings system in place where each game was to be censored or rated based on the individual countries ratings board, so a lot of games were available in Japan but not brought over to America and they had to be imported, but now since Sony is based in America they changed the policy and games have to be held up to a 'western standard' which means they are even censoring Japanese games. I'm not sure how much of this is speculation but I know the upcoming Dead or Alive Xtreme game is going to be censored on the PS4 because of this which I find hilarious because its going to be uncensored on the Nintendo Switch, who would have thought Nintendo would be more open to 'sexy' games than Sony. 

    3. Usager


      That remember me the case of bayo2 nintendo being the ones pushing for more "aggressive" clothes

      As i said, they may change again when people start complaining

  13. Applejack is my second favorite pony my list goes 1st - Twilight Sparkle 2nd - AppleJack 3rd - Pinkie Pie 4th - Rarity 5th - Rainbow Dash It's probably an unpopular opinion but rainbow dash is my least favorite >///<