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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Venomshank

    Ask Princess Celestia

    U-um...I don't think that's of your concern...
  3. I'm thinking of re-making my whole profile...

  4. Venomshank

    Ask Princess Celestia

    Something little fillies shouldn't hear.
  5. Venomshank

    Ask Princess Celestia

    Um...I wouldn't know about that, maybe you could talk about it with him?
  6. Hello, my wonderful subjects. What would you like to ask me?
  7. Yes. Yes it is. I haven't been active in a bit too long. I'm gonna add the submissions to the list, Then, I think I'll start it up this weekend. Also, I what even was the original RP idea...? I forget.
  8. True enough. The name should be changed, I will do that. Also, Times S. Hay, I just didn't think your OC seemed fitting for the story. I'm sorry, we just need a little variety of character, the plot I'm going for demands certain personalities. And Pripyat... Yeah. I'd say we'll leave the doors open a little while longer just for anyone from the original thread who may want to come back. But after that... I'd say we have an awesome, goofy, rag-tag group of "specialists" to work with at this point.
  9. I'm gonna bump this again. For unknown reasons, this isn't getting as much traffic as the other one. So uh Bump. :I
  10. DIAPER FETISH. Doesn't nessecarily sound assuming, does it WELL IT'LL SCREW YOUR HEAD UP Also, Gore. :I I just can't.
  11. Oh shit I gotta take Mikasa on (For te next person, I'd be wary of the spreader of mortasheen, the skinless Orkney hybrid beast of death and plague)
  12. GO ASK THE APATHETIC MECHANICAL PONY SOME QUESTIONSSSS http://askelectrondaydream.tumblr.com/ DO EET
  13. I'm gonna bump this. Bumping this seems like a good idea.
  14. Bro, my OC has switched love interests since he last updated this! EQg 2 is gonna be out by the time he updates this! A rupture is gonna cause me to leave the fandom before he updates this! Shit, I'm rebooting this. Screw it. I'd probably make an awesome OP anyway. Follow me, gents. I'm gonna reboot this shit #cranktheswagup There, I rebooted it Join in, y'all http://mlpforums.com/topic/88295-equestria-dudes-reboot/
  15. Guys, it's obviously been too long since the previous post was updated. I suggest a reboot. Therefore, I present the following: Plot: This story occurs directly after Equestria Girls. Celestia, being all-knowing as she is, realizes she made a mistake. She allowed 2 universes to collide, an extremely dangerous activity. Therefore, using all the power she can muster, forces the portal open and wipes clean the memories of anything that occured during Equestria Girls to the best of her ability. Unfortunately, after forcing the portal open, she is weakened, and managed only to clear the mind
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