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  1. I'd very likely keep eating. I think food is one of those little things that gives life a little bit of extra flavour. Food would still taste great and baking would still be just as fun, even if eating was no longer a necessity for survival.
  2. Hey Bas, don't worry about the donation thing. Got you covered. :mlp_please:

  3. Celtore

    Gaming What was your first steam game?

    I have no idea. I dont think so because that name doesn't ring a bell.
  4. Celtore

    Name an iconic duo

    Abbott and Costello
  5. Celtore

    Are Computers Magic?

    As a programmer, they're not magic. They're just stupid machines that can run blocks of logic, and that logic is created and deployed by using a huge toolchain of abstraction layers built on top of other abstraction layers. They will never do anything they're not told to do. They may do something stupid or unexpected because of bad software, but it was still told to respond in the way it did. The closest thing to magic might be machine learning. You build a neural network which models your problem, train it on a large set of data and suddenly your software understands what a dog looks like. It's all math behind the scenes, but holy. crap.
  6. Celtore

    General Do Any Of You Invest?

    Most of my money is going into one of two places: a couple of mutual funds and a tax free savings account. I have a few mutual funds managed by my bank which have been steadily growing over the years, as well as a few managed by a partner of my employer. That second one is much more heavily managed, slowly decreasing in risk as you reach retirement age. It's doing fairly well and my employer is matching up to $2000 per year for saving $4000. The TFSA is an account I never touch and just keep putting as much in as I can every pay week. It's not that there are any penalties for withdrawing from it, it just makes more sense to use the standard chequing account instead of draining the tax free one.
  7. Night all, I'm going to bed. If I don't soon, I'll probably wake up in this chair tomorrow morning. ^_^

  8. Celtore

    What is the worst song/songs you've ever heard?

    Oh, I've got one. Carol of the Bells by the Barenaked Ladies. It makes me physically feel ill, it's such a crappy and depressing rendition of a classic song. I'd rather listen to a midi! And naturally, my local radio station absolutely loves it because it's by a Canadian music group. If you actually listened to it, here, have a good rendition to cleanse your ears.
  9. Ughhhh, that feeling when you want a glass of water, but you're too comfortable to get out of the chair and go all the way downstairs to get it. :okiedokieloki:

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    2. Celtore


      That's not too weird, it's basically a non-cooled water cooler. I'd recommend against doing it with those bottles because the plastics breaking down could potentially contaminate the fluid, but what the heck do I know?

    3. DarkShadowPonY


      well im slowly getting out of it anyways got way to lazy xD

    4. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      l have 3,5 Liter tap in my room that l fill every other day, you know, a big glass container with a small tap on it. Mostly l just put cold faucetwater in it, but sometimess l put some teabags in it with warm water. l love the flavours of mint in my water, or sometimes a bit of a good citrus (although that last one is not possible in the tap, because of cleansing reasons).

  10. Happy birthday, Woona! Take a balloon! :):balloon:

  11. Celtore

    Technology What are your favorite computer/laptop brands?

    I've noticed I've been buying a lot of Asus recently. My zenfone, my laptop, my new monitor (which is apparently a rarity seeing as it was the only one in the store with audio.)
  12. Celtore

    Adopt a User

    @Silver Snow, congradurations! Be prepared for a long, cold night (21°F) of stargazing, hot chocolate and smash bros!
  13. Huzzah, Ive done it! My 3333rd post! :balloon:

    (Not that it really counts for anything, I just like nice numbers)

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      It's still a pretty big milestone that you can be proud of. Congrats! :D

  14. Celtore

    What makes Trixie so relatable

    Trixie is a bit of an odd case for me. Despite her boastful personality, she was one of my favourites too. Part of it is her whole character design, but I think it was mostly because I pitied her in the first season. Here she was just trying to do her stage magic and she ends up having to deal with a giant bear and twilight spiking her ego down several levels. That's a very bad day, pretty much a crushing defeat. And on top of that, it's no secret that I have a soft spot for reformed antagonists. And she is undeniably very adorable too!
  15. Celtore

    Technology iOS or Android

    Windows phone 10! Wait, what do you mean that's not a thing anymore? Honestly, neither one of them is great. Android has more potential and flexibility, but I have no trust in Google. Apple seems to generally care about security and privacy (because their primary business model is selling computers, not ad revenue), but their walled garden approach is incredibly restrictive. I have to vote Android in any case. I'm a Linux user, I can't run iTunes. I need direct access to the file system to upload music and manage stuff from my main PC. That being said, it's not a glowing victory. If I could dump android too, I would.