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  1. Celtore

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought Star Fox Zero earlier today for Wii U. I've been playing Starlink a fair bit this week and felt the yearning for more space shooters. (I also wanted to fill out my Wii U collection a little more.)
  2. I would bring a simple, but modern steam engine to ancient Greece. Hopefully this would either help kick off the industrial revolution early or create a steampunk future.
  3. Celtore

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Empowered; I've been doing some self-discovery these past few months. Not everything is sunshine and daffodils, but I have picked up a few tricks to fight back against my brain being a gigantic jerk. I'm also feeling quite mildly entertained thanks to a new video game I picked up.
  4. I have a digital journal that I put my emotions in. It helps me get over things a lot of the time because it forces me to approach the issue directly and rationalize it. But when the anger and frustration truly spikes, I literally release it in my car (where nobody has to hear me going super saiyan.)
  5. Celtore

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I saw a repeat showing of Aquaman, which has turned out to be one of my favourite movies. By no means is it perfect, but it has such a fantastic story arc, great visuals and a really satisfying/heartwarming ending.
  6. Definitely Saturn. I mostly like looking at star clusters through my telescope, but when I go scanning the sky for planets, Saturn is the planet that just jumps out at you. I also feel like Venus is a fairly underappreciated planet with it's volcanous landscape, boiling hot surface and dense, toxic atmosphere.
  7. I don't have a bath, it's just a shower. Honestly though, who could hate them? They feel amazing! After a workout, I can spend 20-30 minutes in there with that hot water blasting.
  8. I'd say a main character in a bad movie. That wouldn't mean I would try, I would give the hammiest line deliveries I could get away with and chew on as much of the scenery as possible. If the movie was inevitably going to become one of those things like troll 2, might as well be one of the fun characters.
  9. My bad dreams seem to pit me against something incredibly difficult to overcome. Some examples include: Fighting the armies of Cthulhu in a yacht with water on all sides. Defending my house against an encroaching forest fire. My good dreams can vary a lot. The other night, I was camping. It was an extremely pleasant dream.
  10. It was a telemarketer who put me on hold. Seriously, I listened to the recording and there was 30 seconds of hold music.
  11. Loads of cardio! I try to hop on the exercise bike each day for about an hour. I may skip a few days in the week, but I at least try to get four days in. Some nights, I do an hour on the treadmill instead, but being tall and the low ceiling of the exercise room kind of makes it a major pain in the butt. I also do some simple callisthenics to try to keep tone, like pushups, planks and burpees. I have to stay strong enough to lug around a 50 pound telescope, after all.
  12. I have one posted on my LinkedIn and another public one which hides my eyes, but that's it. If you asked me why a few years ago, I'd say "because privacy", but Google, Facebook and Amazon know damn well what I look like; they're not fooling anyone. I guess now, it's more a matter of personal preference. I'd rather people just know me by my username and maybe my avatar. There's no need to reveal my entire hand unless I got into cosplay or something.
  13. I was going to come in here and say "mushy peas from a can", but holy crap you guys.
  14. I finally tried one. I unfortunately can't say im a huge fan of them though. Im going to try it again in a little while, but after I put it in the fridge. The ones I had before were warm and I think that played a part into my opinion of them.
  15. Well, crap. Smash bros ate my weekend. So much for the marathon. Oh well, nothing stopping me from starting tomorrow night. 

  16. I'd very likely keep eating. I think food is one of those little things that gives life a little bit of extra flavour. Food would still taste great and baking would still be just as fun, even if eating was no longer a necessity for survival.
  17. Hey Bas, don't worry about the donation thing. Got you covered. :mlp_please:

    1. Celtore


      That's fine, I just thought you deserved it. Plus, there are some fun upcoming festivities you might be interested in.

  18. I have no idea. I dont think so because that name doesn't ring a bell.
  19. Celtore

    Name an iconic duo

    Abbott and Costello
  20. As a programmer, they're not magic. They're just stupid machines that can run blocks of logic, and that logic is created and deployed by using a huge toolchain of abstraction layers built on top of other abstraction layers. They will never do anything they're not told to do. They may do something stupid or unexpected because of bad software, but it was still told to respond in the way it did. The closest thing to magic might be machine learning. You build a neural network which models your problem, train it on a large set of data and suddenly your software understands what a dog looks li
  21. Celtore

    General Do Any Of You Invest?

    Most of my money is going into one of two places: a couple of mutual funds and a tax free savings account. I have a few mutual funds managed by my bank which have been steadily growing over the years, as well as a few managed by a partner of my employer. That second one is much more heavily managed, slowly decreasing in risk as you reach retirement age. It's doing fairly well and my employer is matching up to $2000 per year for saving $4000. The TFSA is an account I never touch and just keep putting as much in as I can every pay week. It's not that there are any penalties for withdrawing
  22. Night all, I'm going to bed. If I don't soon, I'll probably wake up in this chair tomorrow morning. ^_^

  23. Oh, I've got one. Carol of the Bells by the Barenaked Ladies. It makes me physically feel ill, it's such a crappy and depressing rendition of a classic song. I'd rather listen to a midi! And naturally, my local radio station absolutely loves it because it's by a Canadian music group. If you actually listened to it, here, have a good rendition to cleanse your ears.
  24. Ughhhh, that feeling when you want a glass of water, but you're too comfortable to get out of the chair and go all the way downstairs to get it. :okiedokieloki:

  25. Happy birthday, Woona! Take a balloon! :):balloon:

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