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  • Smallestia


    • Age: Less than a year

      Gender: Female

      Species: Alicorn

      Appearance: <p> Standing around two apples high, she bears a decent resemblance to Sunbutt, albeit somewhat less lithe and thin for artistic effect, a reasonable decision given that she is an animated statue of Princess Celestia in a pink tutu. Her mane is tied and her tail, while floating, does not move on its own. Despite being able to move and articulate much {though not entirely} like a regular pony, she is hard and cold to the touch, owing to being made entirely of glazed porcelain. Her hind right hoof is permanently attached to the stand she is on, and trying to remove her would probably be a bad, and undoubtedly very painful idea. Her wings are functional, and she can fly to a degree, but not very fast or far, owing to the weight she is lugging around, and when she does she flies less like a pegasusicorn and more like a hummingbird. Finally, her coat color is just a <em>touch</em> pinker than the actual princess'. </p> <p> [reference picture by <a href="https://www.deviantart.com/lemanda/art/Celestia-684131351" rel="external nofollow">Lemanda</a>, used with permission] </p>

      Cutie Mark: <p> Does not appear to come with one. It was probably too much hassle to paint on under the tutu. </p>

      Personality: <p> Gentle, patient, soft-voiced and very much filled with doubt and confusion about her identity and place in the world. She is, essentially, what an eight-year-old colt imagines Princess Celestia to be, and she knows it. </p>

      Backstory: <p> Originally just an ordinary porcelain statue owned by a young Fillydelphian colt by the name of Magnetar, she was given life by accident during the magic surge that accompanied the discovery of his special talent, namely raw, if poorly focused and controlled magic power. He's keeping her secret in his room because - thanks to watching a lot of Elk and Wheat Tea - he's equally worried that "The Government" is going to take her away for experimentation and thrilled about his secret friend. She, on the other hand, is equally caring and concerned about her sire, but also dissatisfied with her confinement, knowing that there's more to the world than that the bedroom she's in, and has been taking excursions during the night to see more of the world around them - very short ones, though, because she can't use magic beyond basic unicorn telekinesis, nor fly very far. </p>

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