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  • Wishdream


    • Age: 20

      Gender: Male

      Species: Unicorn

      Appearance: A gentle white colt with a royal blue mane who wears a scarf with an engem on it. He appears to have a ponytail to both his mane and tail.

      Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a pencil behind a star encased in a crystal.

      Personality: Wishdream is a sensitive yet empathetic personality and pretty much a gentlecolt in everyway though there are times he breaks the gentlecolt personality for run and/or dire need.<br /><br />He has a love of beauty and fashion, a love under the spotlight and along with that... he follows mannerisms too.<br /><br />He is an inspirational pony who motivates everypony around him and certainly tries to with hold as a role model of inspiration.

      Backstory: Wishdream has been a very long backstory spanning different fiction and stories from both fanfiction and roleplay. As SqueakAnon said, he is the character that connects every story in somewhat or way.<br /><br />Wishdream is the main lead of Story of Dreams. He's a empathetic, sensitive and a caring pony who cares for everypony around him and even his close friends. Along with friend his Steed Storm, they work together to get most royal duties assigned to them done.<br /><br />Wishdream may not be the wisest guy you've met but he will try to find every answer to every question he finds in his way wherever it leads him. And not only that, he also a good company to travel with.<br /><br />Wishdream comes from a long line of merchants and dream-seers. His job comes from the inheritance of his father and has been working with the royals ever since.<br /><br />He seems to be nothing special at first but once he realizes his potential... he can become a powerful crystal mage.<br /><br />For a long time he has lived in Moon City, he has been living there living an ordinary life until a tragedy struck that caused the collapse of the magical city.<br />Forced to evacuate, he fails to leave in time as the stairwell to the surface has been detached and all teleportation routes has been closed. He ends up falling into the abyss which holds Moon City, the Millenium Puzzle.<br /><br />Being one of the ponies who inherited the spirit of the crystal mages... he was able to find his way out though separated from his friends as they have already left.<br /><br />Afterwards, this here starts his own journey venturing into the wild finding old friends and new friends to finish a mission.

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