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The Doctor's Return.


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Hello, this is my first chapter of my Doctor Whooves fiction. I want some opinions before I make more though. Here it is, The doctor's return.


The Doctor looked out of his window at Ponyville. The cool night air blew at him, chilling him slightly. He looked at the bed he had once shared with Derpy. It now lay empty, devoid of his love forever. His normally well shaven chin was covered in stubble, and empty cider jugs lay around his floor. He had had a purpose, traveling throughout time. But he had made a mistake. The mistake cost him his life with Derpy, and as such, he lost all sense of responsibility. His friend, 24-Carat, checked on him constantly, but the doctor still felt hollow. Empty inside.


As he prepared to open a keg of cider, he heard somepony knock on the door. The Doctor walked over, only to find some pony he had not seen in some time. The pony’s long mane, glowing sliver in the moonlight was a little calming to The Doctor. The pony’s black body made him blend in to the night.


“It’s you, isn’t it, Loarm? What do you want?”The Doctor asked.


“I need you to go back to traveling. Gallopfrey needs you.”said Loarm.


“I can’t. After what happened to Derpy, I can’t bring myself to even look at the TARDIS anymore.”


“You must. Without you, Gallopfrey is doomed to the Daleks.”


“I couldn’t even protect Derpy. How can I save Gallopfrey if I couldn’t even protect one Pegasus pony?” The Doctor shouted, angrily.


“Look at me, Time Lord. What happened to Derpy wasn’t your fault.” Said Loram, his horn casting blue magic to turn the Doctor towards his face.


“If I hadn’t brought her with me, she wouldn’t have been trapped in the Ice prison on Karotock, and wouldn’t have frozen to death.”


“It was HIS fault, not yours. And anyways, you can save her. Go into the ice prison and free her. Using the TARDIS.”


“Why hadn’t you told me that, you silly old unicorn! Let’s go!”


“I’m afraid I cannot go. I have brought a friend of mine, who wishes to join your quest.” Said Loarm.

As Loram said that, a pony walked out of the shadows. Her yellow mane contrasted with the silver of Loram’s mane, and her baby blue body reminded the doctor of Rainbow Dash.


“Who are you?” asked the Doctor.


“I’m just a Pegasus pony, one of the best fliers in Equestria, almost as good as Spitfire or Rainbow Dash. Call me Lightning Dust.” Said the pony, with a smirk.

Chapter 2 is done! Here we go!


The Doctor walked out to the shed where the TARDIS was kept, while Lightning Dust followed, using a little wing power to fly behind him.


“So Loram says you travel time. I thought only unicorns or alicorns could use a time travel spell. And you’re an Earth pony.” Lightning Dust inquired.


“I don’t use magic. I use a machine called the TARDIS. Short for Time And Relevant Dimension In Space. I used it for my travels, before I lost Derpy.”said the Doctor, with a knowing smile, and a hint of sadness in his voice.


“So did you meet Loarm?”


“He is a Time Lord like me. We’re old friends, Loram and I. How did such a cocky mare like you meet a nice unicorn like Loram?”


“Well, one day, I was training before I went off to the Wonderbolts academy. When I was flying in a canyon, the one that Cloudsdale is positioned over, one hoof got stuck in some rocks on the side of the canyon. To make things worse, a mudslide was incoming. I would have died, but Loram showed up and lifted the rock, allowing me to fly while Loram teleported. He waited on the other side with another pony, a dark blue Pegasus with a black and orange mane, before just disappearing when I got there. I think that’s why I thought time travelers used magic to travel.”Lightning said.


“Well, he does. Pegasi and Earth pony Time Lords don’t have the luxury of having horns. So instead we use TARDISes.” Explained the Doctor, as he opened the shed door.


The TARDIS stood there, a little dusty, but still usable. Its blue stood out in the darkness of the shed. Lightning Dust looked a little skeptical.


“You mean we’re traveling through time in this dinky little thing?” Lightning Dust inquired.


“It’s bigger on the inside, dearie.” Said the Doctor as he opened the door.

Lightning Dust’s jaw dropped.

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