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Looking for some Spike animations

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Alright, first time poster, I need the help of the wider pony community. I am working on a animated feature, and have all the mane six ponies and their poses, walk cycles, etc. However, I cannot find Spike....anywhere. When I search for SPke builds or swef files, I get clop and that is unpleasant.


What I am looking for is a swf or better yet, FLA file (for Flash Pro) that contains Spike and at least a walking animation, the rest I can rig myself.


Thanks in advance for the help! :3

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I'm not sure if this will help, and no idea how to download a flash off the site, even WITH the download feature, but just found this on deviantart. It's SWF download of him walking, then stop and look at a scroll. Hope it helps.



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First off, thank you for the reply, and that is in the ballpark of what I'm looking for. but not quite. I examined the file and yeah it's just tthis artit's custom version. The ponies, props, and scenes I have are in their original Hasbro form and style. These files contain walking, all the mouth poses, custom apparel, parts, etc.


I'm looking for something like this, but for Spike, and I combed dA like you would not believe, #MLP Vectors Club, the groups I'm on, no luck.

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