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Build tests!

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If you would like to apply to help build Equestria, please follow these directions:


Step 1: Make sure to explore the Equestria Server thoroughly. Ponyville, Manehattan and Clousdale should all be looked over, as well as Canterlot, which is on it's own seperate server.

Note: The current projects of focus are Manehattan and Canterlot.


Step 2: Build two buildings on your plot in the creative server:
- Build one must be themed like a house or shop from Canterlot, Manehattan, or Ponyville.
- Build two may be a building or shop in whatever theme you choose.
- Both builds must be you best effort. There is no time limit.

Step 3: When finished, post the following below:
Location of Build on Creative server: xxx, xxx, xxx
Why do you want to help build Equestria? :

Step 4: Await review from Trixie, Scribbler, Tiberius, or Pepper

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Holy smokes did you build this all yourself? How long have you been working on it?


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Yes i'v built it all alone QQ its took me 23 hours but whithout world edit or /fill

( i can make bigger, really bigger :okiedokieloki:  )

i'm an expert of the gothique fantasy ( I'v build Anor Londo from DS1 ) and dwarf style ( mines of Moria or Erebor for exemple )

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