My Very Own MLP OC (Let Me Know What You Think Of It)

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My OC's Name: Comet Star

Cutie Mark description: A Golden Star with A Silver Heart In The Center with A Gold Ribbon underneath It

Personality traits: Serious (When Required To Be), Brave, Kind, Protective, Short-Tempered, Threatening If You Screw With Him And/Or his Friends.

Comet's Fatal Flaw: He Isn't as smart and into studying as Other Ponies are. He's smarter than others think, but he just doesn't put it in full use without encouragement. 

His Core Element of Harmony: Faith

Backstory: Comet Star started off as a bit of an arrogant Pony and kind of cared about himself at first, but not to the point where he pushes everyone away solely because he's a bit famous. He wasn't as at the top of his class as the other Ponies, but He started to rise to the top in Various sports and Junior athletics, which became one of his favorite subjects in school.

Comet Star's Father was one of the Top Royal Guards, and Comet never knew his mother, but his father ended up getting killed at one point during his time protecting Canterlot. After his father's funeral, Comet was stricken with grief and sadness, but Princess Celestia adopted him and took him in because she saw potential in him and felt bad for Comet. Princess Celestia knew Comet's father very well since he was one of the Top Royal Guards and helped him overcome his grief of losing him. Despite the fact Comet Star was excelling in his class, he still felt lonely, and he felt like he should find make some friends.

One of the students Comet Star had a crush on was none other than Twilight Sparkle. Comet knew Twilight ever since he was younger, and Him and Twilight became Princess Celestia's personal students, Along with Spike the dragon. Comet Star and Twilight Sparkle started off as friends, and later on closer friends. In Twilight and Comet's classes, They worked together to Study, research, and complete projects with the help of Spike. Comet Star wanted Twilight to play some sports with him to be more active, but Twilight was more into books than sports, which he respected, so he played Sports with Spike and treated him like his best friend despite him being A Dragon.

Twilight being a bookworm wasn't that much of an issue to Comet Star at first, but it did when he befriended Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Heart, Lyra, and Moon Dancer, who were more supporting to him than Twilight was. Comet Star's other friends helped him gain self-confidence, which succeeded, and even encouraged him to do continue in Physical Training in his Gym Class. As A result, he became more Agile and Flexible than most Ponies, but the biggest accomplishment was his speed.

Due to Comet Star's accomplishment with being A Fast Runner, he earned A Place on the school's Track Team, which was recommended by Spike The Dragon, which he accepted. He even earns his spot of the team after The Coach sees his performance with his speed during his tryout.

Comet started to excel with Being A Track Racer, but one of his big rivals he encounters is An arrogant Bully named Firefall. When He sees Firefall bully the other Track Racers and Other foals like Twilight, he steps up to him and this has Comet Star to start caring about other ponies than just himself. When Firefall bullies him, Comet Star starts to doubt himself that he can beat him but Twilight and his friends and A Few acquaintances he knows would stand with him & encourage him to beat Firefall.

It would be Twilight and the support of his Track Racer Fans that leads him to beat his Rival Firefall and caring about other than just himself. Before their big race, Comet Star warns Firefall that when he loses he's gonna wind up alone and have nopony to blame but himself. Firefall, being the arrogant Bully he is, acts stubborn and doesn't listen to him. The day of the race arrives and Comet Star and Firefall have a heated rivalry since it's their final race against each other.

Firefall looks like he's gonna beat Comet Star but Firefall crashes and breaks both his legs, which makes Comet Star's statement about him proven true and the attendance watch in complete shock of Firefall's crashing. Comet Star wins the race and The coach along with his other friends and family congratulate him and the coach says to him: "I can't believe it...You just proved you're not just A racer, you are THE Racer. I'm really glad that you weren't those other cheating Unicorns."

Comet Star responds with "I couldn't have done it without my friends and family on my side. They helped me keep My Faith in winning the biggest race of my life."

Comet confronts Firefall after the day of the race and Firefall apologizes to him and says that he's sorry for the way he acted and he should've listened to Him. Comet feels A Little bad for him, but he also responds to Firefall with "Don't say I didn't warn you Firefall, some track racer you are" and Firefall decides to be a better pony going forward.

Comet Star would still make great accomplishments being on the school track team, and continues his friendship with Twilight, but Mario eventually decides to take a long break from being A track racer to focus on his studies and being there for Twilight. Comet Star even Joins Twilight Sparkle on A path of Study Abroad, and during his studies with Twilight, the two Ponies would connect A lot overtime.

Despite The fact Comet Star retired from being A track racer, he's still recognized by other ponies for his successful track racing career and even has a lot of respect from most ponies including The Mane 6. As For his relationship with Twilight Sparkle, I was thinking they would start off as close friends at first but then start developing feelings for each other as years of them being together gone by.

Comet Star would even Join The Mane 6 with protecting Equestria and solving friendship lesson, and when he does, he would be known as The Element of Faith.Twilight makes Comet Star The 2nd Leader In command of the Mane 7 alongside her and He would be The Element that keeps the trust and confidence In the group and Himself against the odds they face.

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The section FiM Show Discussion is designated for talking about MLP:FiM. This is not doing that. This is sharing your OC’s information and seeking out a critique without art. Your topic will be moved to Original Character Help.

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4 minutes ago, Bakugou is my Man said:


The section FiM Show Discussion is designated for talking about MLP:FiM. This is not doing that. This is sharing your OC’s information and seeking out a critique without art. Your topic will be moved to Original Character Help.

I see, sorry about that. I'll remember to post it there next time.

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