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Post Alternates of Your OC's!


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I'm just doing this for fun... Derp :3 Here are some Alternates I've been making with Pony Creator.


Chaotic Splinter: post-3536-0-83936900-1339183522_thumb.png



Ye Olde Splinter: post-3536-0-17591800-1339183960_thumb.png


Splinter - Deadpool: post-3536-0-08000000-1339184166_thumb.png

I'll add more soon!

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Alternate Wingnut










Since the Ponyville Golden Leafs are the chief rival of the Cloudsdale Red Wings in my EHL universe >_>

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Here is Storm Spark's Forms.....

(For more info on the personalities and cutiemarks, visit his character archives page.)

Super form


Posted Image


Rage Form


Posted Image


Ultima Form


Posted Image


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