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Since Daring do is based on Indiana Jones how do you think Hasbro would have pulled off parodying this particular battle?


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It's often forgotten in parodies but the real villains of three out of the Four Indy films was the military. Two featuring the Nazis and one featuring the Soviets. The two films in the original trilogy were based on actual archeological expeditions made by the Nazis before and during WW2 for legendary artifacts or sites in an attempt to legitimize their "Master Race" Narrative.

Here's a video explaining this:


I mean he had to do battle with a ****king tank:


So how do you think Hasbro would parody this battle from one of the movies?

Me personally, I'd prefer remnants of the Storm King's Army as being the perfect stand-ins for the Nazis and Soviets from the movies. Stealing Artifacts in an attempt to use their powers to revive their broken empire. Their use of airships implying them being technologically advanced. This battle having the horrifying implication that Equestria is not ready to face mechanized warfare.

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