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You Know I Just Noticed Something Kind Of Weird With Cartoon Speedsters

Nook Cranny

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They are all blue. No seriously they are or most of them are anyway. I know it's a pretty crazy coincidence though I am pretty sure that is all it is. After all why would most cartoon speedsters deliberately be made with the color blue in mind? And if you are still not convinced I have made a list of all the blue cartoon speedsters that immediately came to my mind.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Rainbow Dash

Swiftheart Rabbit

The Roadrunner


Feel free to let me know if I forgot a blue speedster and also feel free to share your thoughts on this rather curious coincidence.

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that is pretty interesting. Mercury from milky way and the galaxy girls is one exception to this, she is the fast athlete in her group but she isn't blue (unless you count her hair/eye color)

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