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Looking for players for an MLP RPG campaign

Silly Druid

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I need players for a "My Little Pony Roleplaying Game" campaign that will happen on Saturdays in Discord voice chat, and the roll20 website.

I created a new poll here: https://strawpoll.com/3RnYlP3QAye with the possible times when the sessions will tak place. There are 1-hour periods in the poll, but a session will last longer (possibly 3 or 4 hours). It's going to be a weekly event.

As for the system I'm going to use, you can read the rulebook here: https://anyflip.com/ywese/infk. I don't expect you to know the rules beforehand though, I will explain everything and help you when needed. Also I probably won't use some of the advanced rules from the book, so it will be kind of a simplified version.

The campaign will be based on the ancient Equestrian history (it starts after the founding of Equestria) and some of my theories. You will be able to experience the events that happened 1000 years before FiM, and change the course of history.

Please vote in the poll if you're interested.

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