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second painting RP!


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This is the second painting RP! For the first time, I’m sorry that I don’t plan to continue building that worldview TT

anyway, The story begins like this: You and your friends came to the Everfree Forest to find some medicinal ingredients to help Zecora make a potions. On the way, you walked into an abandoned wooden house. When you look back to see your friends, you find that they are no longer there, and when you look back inside the wooden house, you find that you are not in the wooden house any more, but by a purple lake. You suddenly forgot why you came here and what medicine you brought? Who is Zecora? You just know you want to go there with your friends. You are in a hurry. At this time, a unicorn appears next to you. 

"Are you okay?" she asked.
As friends 01/02/03: "You" came out of the wooden house. You and other ponies have decided to separate. You decided to meet at Zecora's house. And now You've left each other. After that, you shall meet different ponies. . . 



This RP has the following rules and hints

01 Do not destroy large buildings without reason

02 Don't argue

03 Marysue Jacksu, go out and turn right

04 Please add weaknesses to your character

05 Allow evil

06 Please face everything according to the character's reaction

07 There will be strange original creatures and magic

08 Although it is based on the original pony world view, it is a pity that many of them are original

09 There will be character deaths, including yours

10 If the story is good I might animate it

11 Since it's a "game", I'll let you do it again after your character dies, but your character won't have that memory

12 oc is totally fine! But you need to write the form and pass the review

13 Follow the rules, don't break them




01 不要无故随意毁坏大型建筑

02 不要争论

03 玛丽苏杰克苏,出门右转

04 请给你的角色添加弱点

05 允许十恶不赦

06 请遵循你的角色会有的反应来面对一切

07 会有奇怪的原创生物与魔法

08 虽然在原小马世界观的基础上,但很抱歉的是很多都是原创的

09 会有角色死亡情节,包括你的角色

10 如果故事很精彩,可能会做成动画


12 oc完全可以!但需要写表格并通过审核

13 遵循规则,请勿违背它







Magic Spells:

Physical Description:






Then draw RP↓ like this, if you still don’t understand, you can ask me



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