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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

Twilight Sparkle

How did you find MLP Forums?

I was searching for some best mlp fan websites , then i got to know about this forum

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

At 2016, I was 9 years old and i accidently found mlp on youtube. I am really happy after knowing about mlp. It gives a new type of feeling inside me that i haven't experienced like that ever in my life. 

MLP is not a cartoon, its an emotion. I always think about mlp everyday. MLP showed me a new life with happiness and joy. I don't know how i would be if i haven't found this. The MLP music, fan games, fan stories, and other mlp related things really made something to my heart. I can't believe that its been 7 years and i am feeling like a old person. This makes me really sad. I don't want this happy moment to end. I saw in youtube that most mlp videos which are uploaded like 5 years and before are having more views, and the new one's are just getting like thousands. I am sad that most of them were leaving this fandom. I wish i could go back to my past again if i got a chance. So much wonderful memories. All of them are unforgettable. I haven't experienced something like that in my life. Time is really going so fast than i expected.

I am still getting some of the happiness now because of some websites like this, I really wanted to be friends with you all, share things and be happy. That's all I really want in my life. I also want to share my own mlp episodes to you all and wanted to grow our friendship. Meeting you, making friendship with you, sharing things with you, being happy, seeing you happy is all i want. And thats the only reason i joined here.

Thank you so much❤️

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Welcome to the forums aestheticloudice! I can relate a lot to your story, I also wish I gave the show a chance much sooner, unfortunately I just did that last year and to this day I still regret it from time to time, really good that you embraced it 8 years ago, for me MLP is also much more than just a show, it matters a lot to me as well. This site is full of friendly faces, so I'm totally sure you're going to love this place! :eager:

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Hello and welcome to the forums

Many people here feel similar like you to MLP. 

Im sure you find many friends quickly here

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