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The Zenimation Experiment


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Zenimation is a show on Disney+ that sets scenes from various Disney films to calming nature sounds. Years ago, I was inspired by Dark Side Of The Rainbow to do a musical combination for Zenimation using a variety of different songs. They include, for Season 1:

  • Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros - Water
  • Mindfields by Prodigy - Cityscapes
  • A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley (which you may know from the Lavender Is The New Black video) - Discovery
  • Blackwind by Patrick Watson - Flight
  • The Other Side Of The World - Explore
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran - Night
  • To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra - Serenity
  • We Went To The Beach by Little Big Town - Water Realms
  • Upside Down by Jack Johnson - Levity

And for Season 2, there's:

  • Step Out For A While by Patrick Watson - Rain
  • Everything Has Changed by Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift - Everyday Comforts
  • Teardrop (cover) - Natural Wonders
  • Eyes Of Truth by Enigma - Transformation
  • Questions by Little Big Town - Waterways
  • Pavole For A Dead Princess by Maurice Ravel - Snowscapes
  • Lost In Kyoto by Air - Locales

Now you can try it at home! And if they don't match up, I suggest you try and use some other songs too!

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