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The Life Cycle of a Draconequus (drabble)

john smith12345

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Hey peeps, just thought I would share this with you all. I wrote this for a drabble contest over on Fimfiction.


What do you think? :)




The life cycle of the Draconequus


Discord sat on his throne, looking down from the mountain top on which he perched.








The land of Equestria was in ruins. Slowly decaying from the years of unrelenting, unwavering nature. Magic couldn't stop time forever. The land would always crumble and perish. That is the way the life cycle works.


World lives. Ponies live.


World dies. Ponies die.


Discord stared up at the giant red ball in the sky. The heat bore down on the draconequus harder than you could ever imagine, slowly burning up the land and evaporating the lakes and seas.


Discord closed his eyes and savoured the moment, for peace like this won't be around again for a while. He may be the spirit of chaos, but he always enjoyed the rare peace and quiet that comes once every life cycle. It gives him a little time to prepare. Not that he needed to; Discord had been through the cycle many times before.


The heat intensified a hundred fold. It was time.


The embodiment of chaos stretched his muscles, He lifted his arms high into air, gliding towards the giant red mass and absorbing all the magical energy he could find. The seas bubbled away, and the barren wasteland cracked and tore as the forces of nature quickly tore the once peaceful world of Equestria into a chaotic storm of fire and rubble.


Discord neared the red fiery mass that was once Celestia's sun. He recalled his life on Equestria, how good it had been this time round. Lots of chaos, lots of laughter. Sure he'd been imprisoned in stone a few time's, but that was to be expected. After all, he would always get out sooner or later.


The draconequus drew in more magical energy, absorbing the magical force from the ground, the air and the sun; sealing it inside himself, compacting it, intensifying it; all the while drawing ever closer the fiery red mass.


This life has been good, Discord mused, steadily drawing in the last dregs of magic left in the world. He had reached the sun, and could feel the heat and magical energy radiating off of it. No matter how many times he did this, he was always amazed at how powerful the sun was.


Discord closed his eyes and concentrated. He focused on everything around him. The stars, the moon, the sun, everything. He held the magic inside him, drawing more energy from the burning sun, increasing, expanding, getting more intense by the second.


The sun flared, and discord followed suit. He glowed brighter and brighter, slowly absorbing more magical energy, far more

than he could handle, but it was necessary.


The sun expanded, the stars burned out and Discord exploded in a supernova of magical energy and colour completely obliterating the remains of the world.


Draconequus lives.


Draconequus dies.




The first signs of life crept out into the shining new sun, floating above a bright new world.


The life cycle continues.


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