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Hello there, need a new editor for a 60+ 2- story featuring a baby Celestia.

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Hey there guys.


I've been on hiatus on my story progenitor. 60 thumbs, -2thumbs (19 comments) 


Its a pretty fairly successful story thus far, and I've hit a few hitches in the road when it comes to editing. My editor eventually got busy and isn't capable of helping me so, I need a new one or two. Perhaps even some beta readers. 


A little disclaimer though, It is a human in Equestria fic, but different. The story takes place at the foundation of Equestria, so no mane 6 involvement other then perhaps some minor references too. The story it self follows a very close line to MLD, but with danger, and adventure added in. It also explores some philosophical and psychological things as well. All with a thick layer of d'awwww, and feels.  


Another thing to note is I do have Chapter 2 finished and it is currently waiting for review, and chapter 3 is in development. All I need is help because my grammar can be pretty darn spotty  and I'm not intelligent enough to fix it or even notice it. 


So bellow is the link to my story. Feel free to read if it helps with your decision process, I hope you enjoy and offer up your services. 



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