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Genres, and song names themselves, can tell you a little bit about what to expect from a new song, but often they won't provide much information. Perhaps artists might want to give more detailed descriptions of applicable sub-genres when their music is tagged as EDM. Or, when sci uploads music to EQD, it is classified as "weird" or "chill-out," and those don't paint a very detailed picture… And when I want to convince someone to listen to a song of mine, I want to say a bit more than its title and "it's Other!"


To this end, I'd love it if the track description would pop up when you hovered over a song name on the charts page - like a tool-tip, but better looking - so you can get a little more info about the song before pressing play, but without having to leave the Charts page, because yay streamlining. Here's a little mock-up (this was good Photoshop practice ;) ).


Yea or nay? Yay or neigh?

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