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Column order on Tracks page


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When looking at the Tracks charts, the "Artist" column should be over on the left side of the player, to reflect how we commonly label songs. Whether you'd want it to the left or right of "Title" is debatable. I organise my music as Artist - Title, so I personally would prefer it on the left, but not everyone tags like that.


Or: you could make the column order customisable. That seems excessive for the moment, but if you're going to introduce new criteria to organise charts by later on, and therefore add more columns, it might be cool. If they're movable, you could probably resize them too, which is always nice! I know nothing about web coding, though - all that might be a huge hassle. :|

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Whatever's chosen, I'd rather keep the interface uniform for everyone.


The main reason I put the artist name all the way to the right and left the track name on its own on the right was to keep the focus more on the track title itself. An artist's name might come up many times on one page, so I'm concerned whether that information might "blur together" in the table if it's too prominently placed on the left.


Changing the column order around is trivial, but I'd like to hear a few more thoughts on the matter if anyone has any.

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