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How do I become good at explaining a conflict between me and another person?


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I kind of have problems with other people. Basically when a problem is done to you, you explain it to an adult, but when I do, I KNOW how the problem was done but can't EXPLAIN it, or I DON'T know how the situation is.


Eg, I have problems with my mom (yes my own mother) all I know is she has a wierd use of words, she swears during traffic, she always interrupts me during an argument with me, she stress words this way and that, she has a lot of problems but I can't explain her EXACT problem, as in why is she difficult to talk with.


I kinda have short term (damn aspies) and I really need help on trying to explain a situation between me and some other person without forgetting details on what happened. Any methods?


*sorry if this topic seems confusing in any sort of crazy way possible to you.

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