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I'm SO looking forward to the Everfree con!

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Dear Princess Celestia...uh...I mean...Hi everypony!


About me? Eh, I added that stuff in my Profile. Here's the important stuff....


It wasn't hard for me to get into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm a kid at heart, I like cute adorable things, and can enjoy watching good girly shows like Powerpuff Girls and the Tinkerbell movies. The first G4 MLP thing I saw was the ponified Spike Pilgrim trailer that was posted on the Scott Pilgrim Facebook wall, which I liked so much that I shared it on my Facebook wall. But it was the

that got me to realize that the new show wasn't the same old thing and was worth checking out.


It wasn't until a couple of months later during the summer after season one ended that I was able to give the series a serious go. I couldn't sleep one evening so I watched ten episodes in a row via YouTube. I liked it, but didn't feel compelled to watch any more until months later when I added the HUB network to my cable lineup to record some more episodes to watch. After I purchased season one from iTunes, bought a season pass to season two, and bought an Apple TV to watch them on my HDTV, I faced that I'm no longer just had an on-the-fence fondness for the show, but was a full-on brony.


There's a lot to like about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but it would have been just a show to watch then delete from my TiVo if wasn't for the active fandom online. I don't even delve that deep. I routinely check out My Little Brony and the MLP picture section of Know Your Meme (which has several hundred fan art pics uploaded to it every day,) and my interaction is limited to reading and replying to the brony comments of the pics. But when I watch videos like

, it makes me want to meet with other Bronies in person. So I'm looking forward to the Everfree con very much!


EverfreeNW, thank you so much for finding a way to make more badges available after they sold out!


Favorite Pony

  • [*:1eolssls]From the Mane 6 — I like all of them. No best pony, but Twilight Sparkle gets the slight edge for favored.
    [*:1eolssls]Secondary character — Princess Luna
    [*:1eolssls]Background pony — Octavia

Favorite fan-invented relationship — my avatar reveals this ;)

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