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Planning Mech Warrior: BSW-X

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Greetings, all!  After a series of adventures in the Welcoming Plaza, I'm pleased to announce that I will be happily joining the roleplaying community of mlpforums!  All introductions aside, I'll try and cut to the chase.


"Well, gee-wiz Thoren, what's this all about?" Well, in short, I want to once again try and bridge My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with a science fiction type franchise.  A pony engineer(whose name I haven't quite worked out yet) decides that he's tired of the plain old chariot or taxi cab in Manehattan as far as travel is concerned.  For most of his life, he's yearned for something new and spectacular to come to the world and completely change the way he gets around.


After contemplating for a while, the stallion suddenly realizes, "Wait a minute, I'm an engineer!  I can just build something.  Golly!  I wish I thought of that like, two years ago." And so, he gets to work in designing and constructing what we know of today in science fiction lore as a "Mech" for short.  A Mech is essentially a giant walking tank whose torso moves independently of its legs, so you can look sideways while still moving forward, similar to how we do in real life. 


After quite some time passing while making some bits to gain the materials, then on to the building stage, he constructs a giant metallic bipedal machine that walks kind of like a chicken as far as the leg structure goes(for a more stabilized walking mechanism).  The start of the roleplay would be this said engineer going for his first test drive of the Mech that he's decided to abbreviate as the "BSW-X".  Of course, just walking and getting around wasn't enough for him... If he's going to make a machine that looks intimidating enough without fighting capabilities, he decides to add a couple of arms and a funny little protrusion from the top of its torso.  And so, he comes up with a fun little weapons layout that includes some fun toys like a paintball cannon, a pressurized water gun, a couple of gumball guns, and explosive launchers that result in massive confetti explosions, fired in groups of five! 


I'm not going to say in the public area exactly what Mech is being represented, since the actual model name for the Mech sounds suggestive and could break a few rules, hence my needing to abbreviate it.  However, I will provide technical details to those interested:


The BSW-X will be an almost entirely analog mechanism, save for very few electrical systems.  The specs below will give you an idea of what to expect:


Technical Stuff:


-Max Mass: 55 tons


-Height: 10 meters


-Max Speed: 86.4 km/h


-Only 4 double heat sinks needed for engine heat management, because he's not using real weapons yet


-Free space allows for jump jets(may as well use that free space for something!), occupies 3 tons.


-Fibrous general purpose armor, for safety reasons


-Increased ammunition levels for nearly all weapons to occupy the rest of the free space




-Left Arm: LRC5(Long Range Confetti, replaces the original LRM(Long Range Missile), fires in groups of 5 per trigger pull), ten uses


-Center Torso: 2x gumball machine guns, 1200 rounds each(replaces actual machine guns; gumballs are at low velocity for minimal damage), 1x ER Large Pressurized Water Gun(Replaces Extended Range(ER) Large Laser)


-Upper Torso: LRC5, 10 uses


-Right Arm: APC10(Auto Paintball Cannon, fires 10 rounds per trigger pull), 250 rounds


And that does it for the general details!  What do you guys think?  Could a roleplay with Mechs even happen?  Will the currently unnamed engineer ever need to equip her with real weapons for the sake of Equestria?  Where should he travel first?  Is he the only one in Equestria that's thought of building a Mech?  Many many questions, and their answers are no less than obscure.  If interested, then feel free to reply or message me with any of your thoughts at all, especially any insights you may have!  I look forward to any and all feedback, and I thank you very much for taking your time to read this! ^^






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Hello once again, whomever may have stumbled onto this topic(hopefully you didn't trip)!  As a nice little update, I've finally decided on a name for my character in this roleplay.  His name is Iron Oxide.  Furthermore, I've decided to write a little sample, sort of a prequel to what's expected to happen in the main roleplay.  The following spoiler will provide the writing that I did.  I hope it sets a sort of tone for the roleplay, and that you enjoy it!



The warmth of Celestia's sun blesses the surface of Manehattan throughout yet another productive afternoon, even for the engineer that places himself within a rented hangar just outside of town. His name is Iron Oxide, and only all too recently has his place in life been established. As such, he's decided that the project at hoof would be one of the most perfect things to define him as an engineer. The subject matter is in fact nearing its completion. “Just a few more pieces... Just a few more pieces!” the iron gray stallion practically shakes in excitement as he stares in awe of his own work... This thing is flipping HUGE!

After a while, Iron Oxide became calm enough to contain his cries of joy like an expecting-to-be mother of a foal. That evening, after a few touch-ups to the project as it is, he decides to pay one final visit to the mill of all kinds of metals. In preparation for transporting the precious cargo, Iron is hauling a large wagon just behind him; himself being the one pulling the weight.

As soon as the stallion walked through the doors to claim his final order, the mare behind the reception desk instantly recognized him. It's either because he has been the mill's most frequent customer as of late, or he's the only one so far that has ever ordered so much material from them at one time—on lay away! Fortunately, for this order, it was completely paid in full. The mare pages the mill owner, “Rusty, it's him again...”

“Well, if it isn't Iron Oxide!” Rusty Bolts a rust-colored male pony, and the owner of the metal mill comes before his customer just before the receptionist could even finish her sentence. Whether it was paranormal activity or just plain instinct, Rusty seemed to always know when Iron Oxide was about to show up.

“Hey there, Rusty,” Iron Oxide began, “a little bird told me that the parts are ready.”

“And indeed they are!” Rusty replies in a hearty yet wary tone of voice, “now let's see...” he sifts through a list of items that Iron had specifically ordered: “A double heat sink, as you call it, a few semiconductors, and a few slabs of thick fibrous carbon steel...” the stallion sighs and rests an elbow on the counter. “Listen... I trust that you're a good pony, and most certainly a good customer; but, I've been thinking...”

Without needing to say anything, Iron Oxide still gives the look of curiosity. A look that he was always known for.

“After putting some thought into it, I realized just how often you come around and place large orders like this. This time of all times seems to be your peak of confidence, since you're paying in full upfront! Believe me, I appreciate the business, but after sifting through some sales records that all had your name in them, I took the time to add up every single thing you've bought from us... Don't think for even a moment that you're the only curious pony around here. What I found was astounding.” there is a long pause before he finally gets to the point. “Iron Oxide... My friend... You. You are one of a kind. Including this order of your heat sinks and whatnot, you have officially bought more than forty tons of metal from us. FORTY. TONS. That's four-zero! Do you have any idea how much steel that is? Forgive me, but I can't help but ask: What in Celestia's name are you up to?”

There is a long pause...

“...It's a surprise...” Iron Oxide smiles.


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