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I'm back

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With a story to tell.


So I recently abandoned you slightly without meaning to abandon you to go to pojo.biz, a forum about yugioh. I began my journey in the advanced deck discussion, got to all the noobs and telling them how bad their decks are by giving them a paragraph of changes. I also posted my own decks, which were all amazing. I would also check out the Forbidden list board, where even more noobs fought over stuff they had no ability to change. It was just funny to read through the stupidness. (especially the exciton thread) one day, in the tier list thread (where most off topic socializing happens) we decided since everyone who plays yugioh online is a scrub, that we would create a group that only good players could join to play test against other good players. Of course, I was in right away. We had fun, and hardly ever play tested, but sometimes we'd do tag duels with decks that either sucked really bad or couldn't do tag duels at all. (One guy was high when we did this it was funny) one day we were looking for a random old deck to play and we picked aliens (gol'gar turbo) and starred playing, then realized we could cut the deck's focus down to 4 cards and throw it into a deck we could abuse it with so easily. We decided we would redefine the meta with this deck, so we are planning on taking it to as many events as possible. Then more funny stuff happened. Yugiohexpert98 thinks he's so good but is really just a complete scrub with no sense of skill and he tried to get into our group and failed 3 times before he actually failed, and he's still posting in our thread so that's a little annoying. So then I remembered I'm a Brony and came here. Hello. I'll try not to abandon you again. If there's any typos, that's cause I'm on my phone. I'm also super jittery. Guess I'm a bit high, might have accidentally taken something weird with my migrane medication. I've never been on recreational drugs before, but I might as well enjoy whatever's happening to me. Wow that got off topic i'ma hit post now.

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What are you on? Molly? K? Pipes?


Anyways, whatever, at least you remembered you're a brony, cool.  Welcome back dude!


I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh way back in the day, then it got convoluted and stupid, so I stopped. 

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