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Case: Of the missing pony!


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Yea, I let her get away with it this time but I tell you when she left I was scrambling for the toy box and gasped a sigh of relief to find both the pony and her brush in one piece :D

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That's so cute!


Now, I don't have any merchandise at all. Just a Generation 3.5 Sweetie Belle. But if I did have any toys, books, or games, whenever a small child under the age of 11 came, I would lock it all in my toybox. Yes, I put a padlock on my box just for cases such as these.


It is adorable, but... BEWARE THE LITTLE KIDS!

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Yea lol and my niece just happens to be as bad of a MLP fanatic as me, There can be a whole room of toys and she always points at the My little ponies and says "I want that!".


But I already decided, really she deserves to be able to play with some so I'll let her as long as she doesn't break them. If she does though I'll have to put up my special ones and get her some fakies or something LMAO.

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