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non-pony Leokul Silverkin


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Name: Leokul Silverkin


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Species: Human


Appearance: A Human of Average stature with his black hair hanging loosely and a clean-Shaven face.

He carries himself with an confident stride and always has a smirk on his face. He wears a deep dark brown cloak at almost all times with a silver stiching of a silver dragon on the right arm.


Personality: He often speaks jokingly in most situations but knows when to be serious. He likes finding secrets and meeting chalenges that test his inteligence.

He will usually avoid fight if possible, or strike first, and from the shadows, if it's un-avoidable.

He also tends to have a flare for the dramatic that tends to get him in trouble from time to time.


Character Traits: He is fascinated with dragons, having been told that he has a silver Dragon ancestor, the source of his family's name, and he is constantly searching for hard proof of this and anything that relates to dragons. They uterly fascinate him.

He will usually leave what he calls a "calling card" whenever he steals something from someone, leaving only a silver coin in place of whatever he stole.


Backstory: Leokul Hails from a remote village, not found on almost any map. It rests in

the shadow of a frost covered mountain and it was here he spent his

Childhood. He spent the early years of his life under the watchfull gaze of his doting mother and Father. They would tell him the tales of his great, great, great grandmother, Nethana. The Daring adventure-er and her many exciting adventures. The way all of the tales ended however is with her having children with a silver dragon, which is how their line recieved the name, silverkin.


His Father is the one from the suposed draconic ancestry but he shows no evidence of it, and neither does Leokul. Despite this, and the scoffs he recieved around the village, he wholeheartedly believes that he truly does descend from dragons and is utterly fascinated by them.


As soon as he had come of age, he set out to begin his own adventure, for fame and fortune, but also to learn all he could about dragons.


He has spent the past few years of his life of these same adventures. Only a few months after he began he was injured and robbed by bandits, he was taken in by the Scribe Luthane, during this time Luthane taught him some of the scribe's techniques for writing. When he was fully healed he set out on his way again, although he still stops by to see the old scribe to this very day.


He has been on several minor adventures since then and has a few stories to tell, including how he explored the tomb of a long dead warlord (not much inside but dust and bones) and Fought off a band of pirates (aided the crew of the ship he was on against an attack).


Currently however he isn't doing much except lounging around in the town he is currently is in, and bemoaning the near empty feeling in his coin pouch.

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