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earth pony Easel


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Yeah yeah, I'm named after my pony, big whoop. |D



Name: Easel

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony



Posted Image


Cutie Mark: A painter's palette with red, blue, and yellow paint. (not in the picture, obviously)


Personality: Easel is a very upbeat, friendly pony with an outgoing personality. Quite excitable, she's rarely seen in a bad mood unless suffering from artist's block. She might seem a bit intimidating to ponies of gentler mind due to her "passion", but she always means well.


Easel can also be stubborn at times, and doesn't easily take to the word no, often getting herself into trouble for doing something beyond her limits. She's the slightest bit clumsy on her hooves, and it isn't a rare occasion that she knocks a can of paint over on herself or breaks a vase or two.


She claims to suffer from "art attacks", in which she suddenly goes into an inspired frenzy and rushes off to get out whatever she's thought of on canvas.


Backstory: Easel is a local of Colt's Crossing, having lived there her whole life. She owns an art studio/shop in the town square where she can often be found at work on her "latest masterpiece". In truth, she's quite talented at what she does, and some of her more impressive paintings have been said to rival even Canterlot's finest artists, though she doesn't like to brag.

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