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If I had my own Xbox One controller.

Posted by Vulon Bii, 18 January 2017 · 110 views

Further evidence that Gulf colors look good on everything.  

My to do list

Posted by Vulon Bii, 10 January 2017 · 136 views

To do.
To do.
To do, to do, to do, to do, to dooo, dododododo.

How to: Upgrade to Kaby Lake for $0

Posted by Vulon Bii, 05 January 2017 · 55 views

Note: This method works best for owners of Skylake CPUs.
Turn off computer if it isn't already off.
Take side panel off computer.
Remove cooler from CPU.
Grab a Sharpie.
Mark out the model name. In my case, Core i5 6600K
Write the appropriate Kaby Lake model name. In my case, Core i5 7600K

And there you have it, you have upgraded to a...

My PC build: 1 year later

Posted by Vulon Bii, 01 January 2017 · 80 views

At this time last year, my build went from what I called White_Power (ignore the price of the 970, I actually bought that for ~$330) to PCMcPCface .  So how did I get to this point?  January:
Purchased an MSI R9 390 as a replacement for the 970 since I though it would be more suited for 1440p. I found that it was no better and sent it back....

I guess I'm back

Posted by Vulon Bii, 23 December 2016 · 149 views

Regarding my "farewell" blog post, I was just dealing with some internal stuff that really got to me. Nothing really happened to me, just a case of an ongoing existential crisis. I don't know why this keeps happening, but I need to get a handle on it before something really bad happens. Also regarding an inability to make any/keep friends, I've managed 25...

Might not be back

Posted by Vulon Bii, 23 October 2016 · 138 views

It hasn't even been a month since my last serious blog post (the majority of which are just shitposts anyway) when said I was going to stay, amidst the turmoil, but it feels very strange around here now that some of the members and staff that I've grown accustomed to seeing have been gone.  In the 2 years that I've been here, I have also never made...

The real reason anyone should buy an Ultrawide monitor.

Posted by Vulon Bii, 18 October 2016 · 91 views

Try this on your 16:9 display :P

I'm staying put, for now at least.

Posted by Vulon Bii, 02 October 2016 · 140 views

With the exposure of some of the brass around here for who they truly are, many people are leaving. I fully expected this to happen. Hell, a vaguely similar situation is happening where I work, and I'm still employed.  Why am I staying? I'm curious to see if this whole thing can be salvaged and fixed. If I ever feel the need to, I'll take a position...

A poem about No Man's Sky.

Posted by Vulon Bii, 29 August 2016 · 132 views

This blog post doesn't contain a poem about No Man's Sky.
I have no idea why you thought it would.
I was perfectly clear that it wouldn't contain a poem about No Man's Sky.

A Public Service Announcement

Posted by Vulon Bii, 27 August 2016 · 145 views

A highly dangerous virus known as Weekly Overload Recreational Killer (WORK) is currently going around. If you contract the WORK virus, you should immediately go to your nearest Biological Anxiety Relief (BAR) Center to take antidotes known as WORK Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE), Radioactive UnWORK Medicine (RUM), Bothersome Employer Elimination Reb...

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