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My Psychiatric Hospital Experience

Hey, guys Over recent years, I have been admitted to the adult psychiatric unit a total of four times. My first admission was in 2014, the second was in 2016, the third was in 2018, and fourth time were this year; 2018-2019 (stay was from late December to early January). I am going to share my most recent hospitalization experience with you. This is not an attempt to obtain attention but rather an opportunity to educate others on how psychiatric hospitals function and assist their patients.

A Message To Some Of My Fellow Staff Members

This is a message to some of my fellow (mostly) staff members who were there when I was originally appointed as staff: @Yellow Diamond @Troblems @Fhaolan @Jeric @Dark Horse @PathfinderCS @Randimaxis   First off, let me give a big thanks to you all. I know that, in the beginning, I was a bit of a mess. Okay, a pretty big mess... I was young and definitely not as mature as I thought I was. I made some mistakes and ended up creating a bleak history for myself. However, even after tho

Current List Of My Anime Husbandos!? [Updated 8-28-19]

Trust me, more will be added   Soul Eater: Soul Eater Evans ♥️ Death The Kid Black*Star Crona Kiriku Rung Hiro Dr. Frankenstein ♥️ Justin Law Giriko ♥️ Mifune   Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel ♥️ Gray Fullbuster Gajeel Redfox ♥️ Gildarts Clive Laxus Dreyar Freed Justine Bickslow Leo Scorpio Precht Gaeblog  Yuri
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